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Friday 3am saw the full moon about to emerge over the top of the jagged mountain peaks... too cool! Stars are out after an overcast evening. A little foggy but quickly cleared up entirely. Got right out 847am to Bex, and next train made perfect time as far as Lausanne. Our first class car went from nearly vacant to heavy standing room only, even in vestibules. Word was overhead electric lines came down around Morges where we needed to change trains. After a prolonged delay 5 min outside Morges we came in about 55min late! Then progressive delays 1041, 1141 were no-shows, 1241 on the board, then disappeared. cancelled. Strange.
The 141 came in 15 late, got on that one, thought it would be packed but empty, able to make a 3 min connection at Biel/Bienne where our boat departed way before we got there. Very disappointed, but this comes with traveling. At least it was cool and if it had happened in Italy would have greatly added to our frustrations of being there. In the lobby of the Int'll youth hostel in old historic Solothurn waiting again another hour for it to open. Free wireless so we are catching up now. One e-mail I got is from Mariam! She writes: thanks for the nice message! It was also a pleasure for me to meet again not "think tank" americans .. it happens very seldom!! Glad that you are enjoying the Swiss Alps. Collaborazione is the right word....
I wish you all the best - Namastè. Myriam
All checked in, we are in #103 upstairs with a Bulgarian woman arriving from England, cousin wedding in town tomorrow. Our huge windows open up to the Aare River flowing outside. A cafe' has outdoor seating and some stupid drunk guy is occasionally yelling at nothing. J knows what to say back to him in German to shut him up. Gosh the weather is perfect and can hardly believe we are both typing madly away on our laptops before seeing the city. Judge by the way is up to using 14 British words in normal conversation unintentionally.
A family shows up in our room and all 4 climb up to the loft with 5 beds. We head out for walking tour of the old part of town, rather impressive for here, time it just right at 7pm for the giant clock to move some charachters around while it chimes. Later we cross the river, walk by an outdoor bar, and back again to a bar I want to have a drink at. It's a large bar about deserted inside but popular in this moment outside right next to the river. I have a beer, J a coke and we have fun talking, tired as we are. A large white swan happens along right next to us. Wandering some more we again see at 8pm the glockenspeil going off. We dine outside at the piano table. Tuna salad for me and Hawaii pizza for J. We are very happy with meals but embarrassed to say what we paid for them! The family is eating with the windows still wide open. We are praying the kids will go to sleep early.
Later when we come in to get ready to sleep, we see the girls (9-10 yrs old?) playing on the ladder to their loft above, we are guessing the parents are gone. J makes his gnome noises and they start giggling. Well, that set a series of things into motion. Before long they were down with us, hitting J, throwing their monkey at him while I stayed in bed. One girl starts tickling my feet. J starts beating his chest and acting like a giant gorilla. They make their own monkey noises! J takes some pictures, and it gets really crazy there! They are making a Lot of noise. J looks out the window and laughs hard. "Dave, these 3 people are looking up (from the street cafe') at our window!" One girl calms down and starts singing, "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands" song all the way through. Thank Heavens that in the moment we had settled, the mother comes in and whispers in German to the girls... too funny!! It all ends with the girls saying sweetly "good-nite" I've never seen J laugh so hard, his head nearly hitting the floor from doubling over!
The wedding party comes in late, and makes noise; they hadn't even made up their beds yet....
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photo by: niqueroz