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Sunday. Neither one of us slept well, could tell J was awake as I was for quite a long time. Around 7, after saying good-bye to the Polish guy, Kowalski, and handing him my card, as he was off to Manheim, I showered and got coffee. J slept some more, but after I re-checked today's rail schedule at the station see that he was up; good. It's quite warm, humid, and very stuffy in that small room of 3 triple beds. No rushed departure this morning, we get food at the food mart at the station, and begin our 4-train journey to Chur.
We re-trace our bike journey in great and dry comfort this time, back thru the Gottard tunnel and get off at Goeshenen. From there, a 10 minute dramatic climb up to the village of Andermatt. Then on another train which first makes another dramatic climb up offering great views of the village later and then right on up to snow level and a nearly completely frozen lake. J is charged with enthusiasm with all the motorbikes racing around as they always do up here, envisioning his future love holding tight in the curves. Then we make a definite descent back down to tree level and finally after a final change of trains, (and private railways too) down to river level. It's turned out to be perfect weather now! We have the window down and we can both lean out, and switch back and forth for the river views several times, pushing it back up in tunnels. This is the way to see the world, and especially here! I could do this endlessly I believe.
Before long we arrive into Chur and a band is playing right outside the station. Lots of people here and things to buy and eat. Can you imagine all this to celebrate the opening of the new railway station? I take us on a detour around the crowds to our Post Comfort Inn. Get checked in immediately, and our 4rth floor view is wonderful and have 5 large double windows that we open up. Wonderful room!! The nicest one yet we've had of anywhere, pull out sofabed, flat-screen TV, cold minibar-frig. Wireless by I must buy a Swisscom card for 5 SFR for 30 min. J is able to put in cable in 2nd fl for free, but it doesn't work with my Apple iBook. We get settled, and both take a brief snooze. Church bells going, is just awesome to be here, and nice to know we're here for 2 nights too.
We venture out later, decide on this nice but real pricey outdoor restaurant. We are satisfied at our decisions for dinner. Later, I guide us on a walk I've made before following the Arosa Railway line and a rushing creek full of limestone silt. Very pleasant. We explore some of the old-city squares/plazas and closed shops. Didn't sound too appealing to have purchased your fine jewelry from a store named Schmucks!
J put on a movie he had on his laptop, "Motorcycle Diaries" filmed in South America neither one of us had seen. Different than we expected, but nice to kick back anyway while the breezes flowing thru the room, and be entertained. I snore again apparently. Sorry J!
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photo by: hellenica