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Friday. Sometime in the middle of the night, we both hear 2 animals snarling at each other, but have no idea what they were, strange sounds! We think badgers! We woke at 7, and J looks out the balcony, "Dave; Look!" I get up and look and we say, "we're going"... and we are on a lift at 8am to Murren to Birg to Schilthorn! The lift disappears in the fog and clouds, then begins to re-emerge sort of on top at the Schilthorn at 9744 feet high. The operator is speaking spanish and turns out he is from Spain. Mentions a good paying job as operator in northern Spain. Says he came here 20 years ago on vacation and stayed. We head right up for our James Bond breakfast. We are the ONLY 2 customers in the entire revolving restaurant! Awesome indeed! Breakfast is great, in and out of fog periods, and this pesky window washer is Always washing the window we are in front of.... so much so the staff is laughing about it. We make extra sandwiches for later, and go out on the terrace. A few black birds are around, a dog tries to dig into the melting mound of snow on the terrace. A helicopter comes and drops 3 long 'carpet' rolls of material to cover the snow to preserve it! 3 men are out securing the covers. We never really see Thun and the lakes but the Lauterbrunnen valley opens up a few times for us. What a show of clouds, snow, green valley floor and blue sky it is! Magical. Love it!
We go down 2 floors and see 2 multi-media shows. We are again, the only 2 doing this! Back to the terrace for another visit, get post card at gift store, and head back down to Murren. J gets 2 drinks at the store, and we hike up to Spielbodenalp, way up, where we can clearly see the lift between Birg and Schilthorn. Neet! The alpine flowers, green meadows, and clouds and snow-capped mountains greet us. Fortunately creeping thru a meadow loaded with cows we are not chased off but are extra cautious. Hard to believe we'll be in Copenhagen tomorrow. J remembering where he and Colin were hiking. Memories coming back to both of us.
We get up to a big open area. So incredible. Like walking in a giant calendar picture. Cross a creek, around a cabin. The most incredible background of mountains against this green landscape. Then lots of tricky steps down down to the Sprutz waterfall, where Colin freaked and went back up around the falls that you must walk behind. Judge is telling me how he could come down this trail at 25 mph over rocks, roots and sharp curves. I am sure he is serious but fail to understand how a guy on a bike could negotiate all of this at such a speed. We are in deep forest, trail covered with hard roots. Then emerge into a meadow. J has his sandwich and we drink in this overwhelming view of everything! Some paragliders coast right overhead. Neet! A military jet we finally see shoots over the mountains and twists before doing afterburners. Looks like rain may be moving in from the other valley, but stays at bay. We come back to the room and cool off, load pictures, J washes his pants, we relax again. We are both very very pleased that finally the weather has broken up to sun so nicely today! So glad we stayed over! Walter said the weather was supposed to be lousy. The familiar sunny dramatic "million dollar" view of the Jungfrau is clearly right out our windows, and paragliders are sailing past us, cow bells are clanging away as the cows eat the flowery grass. J needs some more allergy med. Some Tenn. couple is trying to get a room here, nobody seems to be around, but sounds in the hallway indicate it is happening.
We hang out on the porch at the end of the hall, just watching the clouds forming and talking. RoseMarie takes a strange walk in the grass up the small hill behind the hotel, on an unknown mission. Back inside, J has to wipe is laptop screen as a fly lets loose twice overhead. We have been swatting the never-ending supply of them recently. A rain cloud and big wind whip up out of nowhere, but does not last too long.
Dinner was just Tim, the 2 of us and John from Canada and a mother/daughter team from Kansas City. Chicken night. Tim tells us to our amazement, after I tell him a helicopter dropped off those covers for the snow that Schilthorn is built on loose rocks and permafrost and this will preserve the cool! Whew! He adds later that one of the occupied rooms has the ghost of Walter's aunt appearing on occasion. I try to razz Tim about Rosemarie, and he puts his head down, blabbering how long she took on Each stair, and using a toothbrush. Too funny. Even says to the other guests something like "she is Walter's
I walk down the the Mountain Hostel to see Petra, but she had just gone home. Lots of kids having fun together, and glad to have the quiet. I take the long way around back to Walter's, which is awesome with the huge snowy view still visible in the evening afterglow. and J is taking night pictures of the hotel. Tim tells me that our 4rth night will be complimentary, saving us 86 CHF! Awesomely cool. His girlfriend, Heidi shows up off the 10-pm lift from Basel. Walter had checked in the Tenn couple but failed to mark the sheet in the correct way, surprising Tim. Oh, earlier the couple had asked me what the weather was going to be for tomorrow, and answered just as I have seen Walter answer, but toning down the accent, "Ah, for diss, you must call up to HEAVEN for the answer!"
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photo by: erin217