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Saturday. After a nice scrambled egg buffet in the atrium, and making a healthy sandwich to go, we march down to the waterfront again and the big fort overlooking the harbor. We must take a walking detour in the warm direct sun because of wall reconstruction and find the Resistance Museum. Very well done! We pay the $6 for entry, and the guy with an Italia shirt I say "bonjourno" to, and add we were in Italy 2 weeks ago. He says "it must be cooler there than here today" I imagine this is sweltering weather for the locals. Inside this older unassuming building is a large display of all sorts of artifacts, newspapers, weapons, but large write-ups of what happened, with emphasis on the suffering and brainwashing, and murder of the good people of Norway by the insane Nazis. Such cruelty, and for what? Those working in the underground were often tapped, tracked down and killed for resisting this insanity here. Norway was not prepared militarily or mentally for this invasion, but eventually of course the Germans lost the whole deal, expedited by this movement.
Back outside, we walk along the edge of the fort, NICE to be in lots of shade and catching nice breezes from the cold water below. Many boats and sailboats out today! We walk down to where some army soldiers are taking the covers off of 3 cannons. "Do you shoot these at noon?" I ask. "Yes, 21 times" he replies. Wow! J goes running off in search of a cold drink, sees a festival set up, and bagpipers, returns, and we have our sandwiches in the shade and await 12 noon. I warn a daddy who has a small child in his arms the guns will be very loud and he walks away and hold the kid's ears. An Israeli woman fusses over why 21? Why pick such a number? why not 22? Why do they bring a child up here? etc.
J with his earplugs jammed in, stands Right next to the cannons as they fire real fire and often massive smokerings towards the harbour. From somewhat back I could feel the concussion of the blasts. To me it represented destruction and death and was glad when it was over, and in the remaining smoke, the soldiers are proudly shaking each others hands in the way bonding soldiers do after a good kill.
Then it was back down to the Aker Brygge, J's thermometer says 89F. We got a tram 12 for a tour of the city. Some nice Australian guys got on, rode with them a while, then 12 became 11 and when we got back near our hotel J wants off 'cause it was too hot on the tram. That was fine. The 300+ band players who we saw at breakfast are practicing here, and suddenly they flood the slow elevators; we walk up.
We relax, take naps, J gets on his laptop and learns there is a musicfest going on, as we are hearing bad bands practicing, I mean playing outside our window, does some more checking and then realizes one of his bands who he was sure he'd miss on a farewell tour in Salt Lake is playing HERE, and TONITE! How cool! He's going ($53 ticket). J showers, and tells me this girl he's been writing on a travlbuddy site, (mpte: I just joined it in October 08) should be downstairs in 5 minutes. Liz, from way north of Olso is a very nice gal. We walk together to check out the Rockefeller place where the concert will be tonite, and go to Aker Brygge to a place she knows, that has lots of beers. None of us has a beer, but we sit outside on the balcony, and talk about religion, She shares her views, and it's all so interesting. Conspiracy theories, Hillary (she's for her), smoking (she quit! and we toast her; parents both smoke indoors) and very high Norwegian taxes, gas costs $10/gallon in this country of abundant oil! Walking back to the waterfront, I drop off, she takes pictures of me and me with her, and I get a minced fish sandwich from the same fish place and hang out. Andean singers are performing, music too slow for me, and even if I wanted a CD they were $30! I wander around, take some pictures of sailing ships coming in now at 10pm, and hear a few bands playing none of which were any good. Seems bands were playing about every 2-3 blocks. Some foreigners were busy working the trash scene grabbing cans and bottles and assembling large black garbage bags of them. Guys are getting drunk. I use an outside pissoir where 4 or 5 piss into a shell formation; all right out in the open. Wander home, stop and get a raspberry popsicle at good ole 7-11 as 5 very jetblack Africans talk arabic or something. Norway is getting invaded by outsiders. Liz says the max penalty for anything here is 23 years in the slammer. Rape is way up after immigration rose so much; Pakistani, Indians. She also says guys late at night get into fights, all alcohol related. I come in the door 11pm and to my surprise, J and Liz are there talking in the room! J figures it was $50 to see the group, he'd seen 'em before, and didn't want to just abandon Liz after she had come all this distance. Liz had been in a bad accident and was in constant pain. Her case is taking years to resolve. Such a sweet lady. Offered her some resources on seeing it a different way that could provide relief. She had seen the movie "The Secret", great! They went out to Peppe's Pizza, and J comes back at 1am.
spiritjoytravler says:
I could have said more nice things too.... what a treat to have you come to see us!
Posted on: Nov 01, 2008
Quest says:
Glad you had a good time in Oslo and you really remember what we talked about real well...hehe
it sure was a great conversation, and I hope I run into you guys again some day. :o))

oh.. thank you so much for your kind words. :o)
Posted on: Nov 01, 2008
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