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Friday. Weather still holding out perfectly...toilet paper here is rough from Russian days I think....J gets the brkfst downstairs, just the coffee for me. I feel the direct sun for hours yesterday did something to me. A few trips to the bathroom this morning. We are back on the tram 9am to Central station, WC, then just barely make the FINNAIR flybussen directly to Helsinki airport, 30 minutes north. Immediate check-in by unfriendly gal, thru security and soon boarded our Blue1 airlines BAE 146 now called an Avroliner. It's a 4-engine, high wing commuter jet. 2 carts came down the aisle but everything was for sale. We passed, and had brought our own. J nudges me to look out the window. Neet! We are over some of the 20,000 islands that Sweden was boasting about. Nice smooth flight.
We retrieved bags just fine, changed some money, and made by 30 seconds the (covered by the pass) non-express train right to Central Station, Oslo, Norway. Nice train in first class and wasted no time getting here. Weather is hot sun. Our Clarion is right across the street and are in a nice room on the 4rth floor. I think it's the first hotel room that's been acceptably cool!
After a nice rest out of the warm day and hot sun, we venture out. Got our train reservation to Myrdal on Sunday, and $30 ticket to Flam. All set. I am hungry as it's after 7, and J saves me from nearly going into Burger King. Now down the main pedestrian mallway. Several folks look like they're from Turkey or some place far off. Lots of shops and places to eat. Rather touristy. Then on down past the big City Hall building with a large clock, and to Aker Brygge along the waterfront. Lots going on here! Lots of ferry boats and others tied up here, 2 big amusement rides with girls screaming, a mini 'taste of Oslo'. Oh man, that salmon looks good! Paella too! Lots of out and inside restaurants, all look good. We walk on quite a ways to very very upscale places, condos. Architecturally inspired and well thought out. Canal runs thru it. Fun. We dive into a grocery store, can't decide on dinner, but get drinks, and take a different way to the taste area. Glad we did! We both get a seafood combo cooked right there. A+ ! The guy cooking is really cool, too. We say where we're from, and when I say Indiana, another guy says, "You are a farmer!" We laugh, and then he leans over and cuts what he says is whale (burger shaped and color) and says in a different quieter voice, "this is mmm really good" We thank him so much and I hand him a Kennedy half. We get a picnic table some folks were just leaving from right by the water! J hates the din of crowds talking and we are away from it. A fisherman on his boat, wearing a shirt that says in Walt Disney print "Malt Whiskey" and plays music from the 80's for all of us. A ladybug lands on my neck and kisses me. J says one landed on him in Gimmelwald when first got there. We are very happy here, I am wondering if that was really whale, but salmon and everything was perfect and filling. $22?
Whew, that was good, and then we meander back a different route. J stops in a Hard Rock Cafe' and gets a t-shirt for his mother who likes them. The Royal Palace has the bright sun right behind it. Not a good time for pictures. It is still warm out. We come back about 10 and take advantage again of the free internet access in our room. Ferris Bueller clips were fun. It's after 11pm and it's not dark really yet. Ahhh summer in the Nordic country.
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photo by: sarahsan