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Monday. A nice breakfast awaits us downstairs, there I immersed an egg in boiling water in a french fryer type holder, and hostess suggests timing it for 3 minutes, well, it was runny but good to have an egg for a change. We made ham and cheese sandwiches for later, grab an apple and pear, and were off to the station, feeling our way to Sargans, then lucked into a Eurocity train featuring a Panoramic car to Buchs, that continued on to Innsbruck, Salzburg, and Vienna. Tempting! We fantasized about going for Salzburg for just a moment.
We were lucky enough to get nearly an immediate bus to Leichtenstein - Vaduz; J's 24rth country. We cross a river bridge nearly immediately and I notice the bus stop signs and others look different. We had arrived without any notice into the country! On the way out did see a small sign. Never saw any immigration or customs of any kind. We got off at the Post stop downtown Vaduz with the Royal Palace way above us; nobody can tour it. Lots of shopping here, J gets his patch to sew on to his pack, I get a Swiss lanyard I really like in a Christmas store of all places. We both get a postcard and mail it home. J stops in a soccer/sport shop. Handsome young man answers his questions and adds a by the way, the UEFA Football championship cup just happens to be on display right across the street. Wow! J is so surprised and we go right inside this upscale restaurant and get pictures of it while 2 guards stand next to it. J is amazed at the synchronicity here. We eat our sandwiches on a bench. J starts a conversation with a local gal sitting across from us. So many nice cars here, the place is so quiet, clean, safe and rather upscale.
We have now seen enough, and go by a big church and interesting architectural wonder of a building of yellow brick, and hop on another bus 12 back to Buchs, Switzerland. Wonderful big Swiss flags are in this and other stations. Nice! I want one! We catch a nice train after 2pm directly back to Chur, and look across the way at the mountainside and now recognize the castle with the construction crane as the Royal Palace in Leichtenstein. At Chur station I inquire as to a schedule to Gimmelwald and this serious woman insists it Grindlewald, other woman laughs, as I insist it's Gimmelwald. Happens so many times! Still funny.
We do a food shopping for dinner at the local COOP, and come back to the room to work on our travel logs. Windows open again. I am trying to map out the best thing for us to do on our one open day and night and next day after Walter's. Trying to work in das Rhinefalls near the German border and also that boat ride we missed Biel to Solothurn. This is doable.
J waited 45 min for man to finish using computer. He did e-mail and later we looked online to see about a free Lucerne stay, sold out. Reconfirmed tomorrows trains to Interlaken.
Ate our storebought food in the room. J leads us on a walk thru town and then way above it, nice up there! We watch "The Jacket" movie. Good one.
We both have dripping noses and read a while in bed before sleep.
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photo by: cimtech