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Sun A beautiful morning! Next several days look perfect too! Judge swears one train last night 2am was coming thru our window and about jolted up out of his sleep in bed; what a strange place indeed to build bedrooms, immediately adjacent to a busy rail line. Fortunately this is not a freight line or it would be noisier even.
Breakfast buffet was rather wonderful and sandwiches were made! Put bags in storage locker, and got a train right into CPH central station. Getting tomorrow's seat reservation on the Swedish X2000 train Malmo to Stockholm, the agent told me my Visa credit card needed a PIN! I've never been asked that before anywhere in the world. But he needs one. Of course nobody I know has a PIN for a credit card! I try my debit card, but it doesn't like that one at all! Dang. Reason given is "security in the station area".? Judge tries his AMEX and it takes it thank heavens! I name this city CoPINhagen! Goofy! Later, even his Amex needs a PIN. Nutsy. How many thousands of tourists have been inconvenienced by this?!
I change 20 Swiss francs to Danish Krone and we are off walking...past Tivoli Gardens about to open and folks lining up, and thru the ped walkways seeing beer drinkers on this perfect Sunday morning. Remembering the time Don and I in '86 past the Rosenthal studio here and met Bjorn Windblad. Anyway, we wander on down past squares and large buildings and 7-11s and underground toilets to the boat ride area and get tickets for the 11:30 ride. Neet! Just before leaving, I watch and alert Judge to what's happening up top of the wall. A young man sold some cocaine? to older man who had his nose to the ground sniffing, then hands the guy cash, and he puts it in a purse, right out in the open! Then the same guy leans down and does a snort himself!
Many low bridges to remain seated for. We see the old naval yard now condos, the alternative living area of Christiana, then a man in bathing suit who yells at us, drops his pants, and poses, then jumps into the water to swim! Of course we saw the little mermaid, commissioned by the Carlsberg beer folks, surrounded by Asian tourists that are about to fall on the seaweed and rocks. The poor mermaid has been decapitated twice, dressed as a muslim with scarf, and may soon be relocated a bit farther out in the water. We saw no guards there and had complete access to her. Nice remembering being here with my parents. Mother and her mother adored the mermaid.
Returning to the wharf, the drug seller suddenly starts hitting and punching the older man, who stumbles to the ground, soon after that, they are calm again. Then, a little further down, this guy we saw passed out leaning over a wall, had his pants down we think pulled down by his buddies who have put a can of beer on top of his back and even stuck a cigarette in his butt-crack, and told us, "Come closer, he is more famous than the little mermaid!" We take pictures. What a place. Seems more like Amsterdam. Amazed at the amount of beer drinking Sunday morning and daytime. I wonder what the folks at the adjacent outdoor cafe' were thinking.
Afterwards we walk north, passing fountains, the 4rth largest church in northern Europe, with a huge dome, and a shady spot where we sat and ate our sandwiches. I took pictures for a couple from Barcelona. It is a nice temperature for sure, felt great out on the boat, but that sun is bright and direct! We end up walking easily all the way back to our hotel, retrieve our luggage, and catch another electric self-propelled train over the new bridge to Malmo, Sweden. No indication of another country nor immigration or customs whatsoever. Between the 2 of us, we easily navigate to our Clarion Collection hotel, on Englebrekstagan 16. The bad news is, there is only one large bed available for us, and although their site says guest laundry available, there is none. The good news is that they have a full breakfast, free internet, and perhaps the best part, a dinner buffet 6-9pm. Yeehah! Again, it is a warm room, and no thermostadt, but windows are open and we are cooling off. The city is rather dead, but we are happy at the level of activity we have had today I think.
The dinner buffet was Awesome! The cold fish in sauce with dill, meatpasta curls, the best apple juice, wow! We try to walk it off outside in the bright sun 7pm...walk all over this park, geese, coots, ducks with lots of ducklings, botanical garden area, lots of water, and the biggest wood pigeons cooing too. J got some good pictures of old buildings and horse monument of the founder of Malmo at some of the squares, almost wrote piazzas. We top it off with a Solero popsicle and come back. The living room area is "inspired by the African Savannah". We are laughing as both of us are passing some nasty gas. J thinks it was from the eggs we had. We see a neon sign that has some lights out, but the SKA part is lit!
We have gone from using Swiss Francs to Danish Krone to Swedish Krones in 24 hours. Euros are next.
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photo by: the_bill