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Wednesday. Plan was to be at the bike and train station at 9, for a 10:05 train. I go over there after my shower, J sleeps late, huge cruise ship arrived overnite, and after I check on bikes there is now too long a line at the station for this to work by the time J comes back with me, and also the TV says train is sold out, that bags the bike dammitall again! Gal gives me the times for the boat to Gudvangen and connecting bus to Voss, then we'll 'rail pass it' to Bergen. The schedule the information desk gives me shows 11am from Flam, we vmight as well leave, weather now looks iffy. I ask J if this is ok and it becomes a plan. He's ready shortly after our 10am checkout, and after we buy our boat and bus tickets, I watch our stuff at the station while he wakes up A in her car. She comes and joins us sticking her tongue out at me for declining her offer to drive us to Bergen, but it quickly melts back into her lovely smile again. We wait for the 11am boat that never comes. It doesn't start running until sometime later in the summer. Well, I don't read Norwegian! A buys us a sweet, and we hang out on the picnic tables outside the Furkarura or something like that restaurant. We snack some more. A has coffee, and another one, and smokes too much. I get an open burger from nice guy I am making friends with behind the cafe'. It begins to rain again just before departure time at 1:20pm. A kindly offers her help while we are in Norway. Nice.
We glide past this Huge ship that seems so very out of scale here in small Flam. We make a couple of stops en route, passing into another named fjord, I think the Songdefjord the deepest in the world at over 3,000 feet! The scenery is indeed spectacular. Just a few spots of sun, but periods of light rain. It's a bit windy too. Nice ride. Uncrowded boat. J very glad to get a ride in the fjords. For me it was really great to be in them again, although being in the wind and occasional drizzle, with a raincoat, I remember telling J it was the coldest I've been on the whole trip.
From Gudvangen we boarded a bus right off the boat and departed right away, first south along nice road and river, then driver put it into lo gear and we climb up the steepest road in Norway at 18%. Sharp curves looping higher and higher to the top, then normal roads after that. An oncoming truck seems wasn't paying attention! An oriental guy kept falling asleep, but his head kept nodding down and then back over and over, providing us entertainment. Several nice waterfalls to see!
Arriving at Voss, the WC downstairs had horrible graffiti in it. Bus driver says next train (after arriving 430) was at 555. I check the board and there is a train coming from Olso to Bergen at 440pm but says required a reservation. Did this in 2005, asked a conductor who said get on, so we did this time, let the reserved seat people have their seats and train is moving! Excellent. I end up next to Daniel, 20, who tells me about a Swede who acts like a Viking, no cell, no internet, sitting several rows up, and he fits the bill. Danny has had 8 beers, thirsty for more, and tells me he is going to the FooFighters from the US concert here tonite. Train is on-time, and we walk easily to the Bergen YMCA Hostel. They force you to rent sheets from them. We have a 6 person room. Nobody else here yet, hoping it stays that way. We go out for long walk all over the city watching thousands of folks walking to the FooFighters concert. The sun is out, and this is amazing, 3 other visits and it's always raining. Bergen gets over 200 inches of rain a year here! We end up at Peppe's pizza. J ready to split a large pizza with me, then I do the math. "Do you know this is going to be a $50 pizza" He gets a burger instead and a salad for mel We are very aware we only have 1 more day over here. Not good, neither one of us is eager to go home.
We head back, and an Italian couple arrive (Brindisi and Rome) then William, from Tenerife arrives, and I show him pictures of his n'borhood on my laptop. What fun! Then as he is leaving, a guy from Mexico City shows up, and leaves shortly after. Doing our logs now, 10:30pm and clouds still sunlit, J says sun has not set even. We can hear the concert from here, wow, it must be very loud where it is.
Later the Italians are back, and J smells the worst bad shoe smell. J asks me to hand him one of my shoes, it doesn't smell; it's from one of them. It's the foulest I think I've ever experienced! It's hit me bad too. J opens the window more, and pulls a sheet over his face. It really is nasty. Then she farts! Then later, about midnite and as we are about to fall asleep, Mr Tenerife comes in quietly then gets into bed okay.
JudgeDredd says:
Remember the aquarium in the window of that bus? All it needed was a few fish in it!..Haha
That train ride was awful! Almost as bad as those stinky Italians...LOL!!!
Posted on: Nov 29, 2008
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