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Thursday. J tells me later the Mexican came in about 3 and I remember him making some noises before crashing. Then, about 5, this Nokia phone goes off and nobody is answering. J speaking in a kinder than they deserved tone announces "Answer the phone or shut it off!" The Italian woman mumbles begrudgingly and gets out of bed as it continues to ring the same as my phone, finds it in her bag and stops it, muttering something ending in "Sorly". Then she makes a few trips in and out of the WC, closing and locking the door noisily which of course is right next to our heads. I use the WC. Then Tenerife who has early flight to Oslo then Madrid showers and leaves. 6am or so.... Then some screaming gulls go off, J hears them and I hear him groan about them, but my earplugs save me from their irritating sound. Mrs Italian snores, who also moaned quite a bit and talks in her sleep. J tosses and turns. I can feel his restlessness. J has had enough, bolts up, showers, and then starts packing. He wants out of here! I couldn't help but notice the Italian woman actually contracting her body to blow farts loudly. Unbelievable. Then she starts talking to her man on the top bunk in an everyday voice. I whisper to her the Mexican is still sleeeeeping! No matter, she continues. I shower, she farts again, and we just freekin' Leave this place.
Had the best coffee of the trip with a muffin and banana at the nearby 7-11. I swing by the fish market just opening up on this bright sunny day, imagine that in Bergen! (Always rains here). We go to catch an early Flybussen to Bergen airport. J smells dog poop as a dog takes a crap right on the sidewalk. Owner does pick it up. A few minutes later, I see another dog come up, smell the spot and gets the urge too. I start laughing as J is fooling with his bag and doesn't understand why or know the smell about to hit him... "Aaaaawwww!" he reacts. I laugh some more. I guess you had to be there.
At one stop, a patron leaves the baggage door open and driver starts driving off! J is the one who goes out, off, and closes it. You'd think the driver was disabled or somethin; he never attempted to get out of his seat! Imagine. Whew. KLM is fussy about carry-ons. First told me the combination of my 2 bags might bring down the overhead, then when I say I put black bag under seat, crazy, it's a standard bag, then it became a security issue. Waiting near our gate I ask the police if we need to go thru them to the Amsterdam flight. No. I ask for a passport stamp which he happily gave us! Nice guy, gave ea of them US JFK half and gold dollar. He gives me his phone number even.
Nice flight, nearly full, sandwich. J gets the coveted exit row window seat right behind me. Retrieve baags okay and waalk to the Amsterdam Schipol Hilton Hootel. Nice room, a bit small but warm. J puts it on 'arctic'. Phone rings and front desk says I have a certificate for a category 4 hotel when they are a 5. I say the voucher I gave them has both the confirmation and certificate number right on it. Okay, they'll call back. Woman calls back and says I have to redeem more points for the stay, that they made a mistake in Tampa with the reservation. I say I am prepared to leave immediately if they make me do this, as they fail to inform me until after we are checked in and now waiting to leave to take a canal ride! I must depend on Hilton reservations to do it right so I can make the right decision! Dangitt! She says the hotel needs the points, and I say I'm not doing it and she must talk with Tampa. She says she will take it up with them. OK. It also costs $30 USD to have internet for a day. No free breakfast either. Not good.
Anyway, trying to shrug this off, we go back to the airport at 3:30 and catch a train into town. Great. Walk to the first canal and pay for an hour's canal ride. We walk around until 4:55p departure. A couple from New Zealand join us in the open air bench in the far back and we snap right back into travel mode, not thinking this is our last day in Europe for that hour. Nice people! No narration tho, and driver seems unfamiliar with the area, keeps stopping, pulling in, backing back out again. Strange. I notice a FedEx truck. J says, "You know DHL and FedEx have boats that deliver on the canals, yeah, it's faster that way" and not 4 minutes later a big yellow DHL boat passes us! Mannnn. These things seem to happen to J as often as they do for me.
After the "boot" ride, we walk some more towards the city, and eventually decide on a nice restaurant for our last diner together here. We toasted the trip, concluded we got along great, and had a blast. It all worked. A+ time, and we each had a huge dessert too.
We then re-traced the steps where J and Colin came when they first arrived here in 2005 for their 2-month EuroTrip together before they met me for the first time. He found their hostel they had to wait outside of after the long flight over, and several other familiar scenes to him. What fun. He kind of followed his instinct to find this. Then a walk into and out of the famous red-light district, interesting to just pass thru thank-you-very-much, then back to Centraaaal station for our last train ride back to Schipol and another thing happened. J had recognized a station where on his last trip, and when needing badly to get to Schipol the train stopped, passengers bailed the train, and he shared a taxi to AMS, and I suggest maybe the train will do that again, and it Stops for a red signal, then later proceeds at slow slow speed before it picks up again. Strange indeed. We walk back to the Hilton. No message for me, so I think they've dropped their fruitless and inappropriate attempt at extracting more points out of my account. Good. I get an e-mail from Hilton Honors giving me my PIN as it said I had requested. I had not, but apparently Somebody at Hilton tried to get it! I didn't hear any more about it, it was their problem and stayed that way.
Room is still not cooled off. We shower and do logs until after midnite. $11 to log on for an hour. We never heard back from Tim, our last hope to be able to stay in Switzerland for the summer. A had offered to find us jobs and put us up in Stavanger, Norway, but that didn't really appeal to either one of us. J finishes another chapter to the trip and e-mails it out, then I use the ethernet cord and collect it and others, and send out some messages and pictures.
This is the last night, thank Goodness that I have to deal with a heavy, too hot one minute, too cold the next goshdarn duvets!!! J thinks this is so funny. I hate them!
But seriously, it's sad this trip is coming to a close. It always happens it seems. On a roll, and time's up. Had to happen I guess...
JudgeDredd says:
That day spent in Amsterdam so recharged my batteries. After all that crap with the Hilton I was so done; but once in the city and on the boat ride I was ready to start up the trip again and head back into the heart of Europe for another month.


Posted on: Nov 29, 2008
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