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We were suppose to meet at Centraal 4-5:30PM. I was running late and barely made it 5:30. But as I was almost there, I called Kat, our sweet organizer, to ask if they were still there. Noup! They had already left before 5 because everybody had come early. They were walking down to Spui, heading to Leidseplein. But first they stopped on the way to Replay Café by flower market on Singel. Finally I got there too after calling Kat couple times more and then she had to pick me up from the end of the flower market because I didn't know where to go anymore. But I made it there! There were 13 TB's around a big table having coffee and beer. I had one drink too before we had to continue to Leidseplein and to the dinner restaurant. We had reservation at 7:00 in Indonesian restaurant called Puri Mas.
We were waiting for five more people to come, Kat's boyfriend Maartin, Ashley from US, Florida and three of her friends that aren't TB's, Mara (Italy), Nora (Italy), and Nicola (South Africa). At least not yet but maybe soon they are. Finally they got there too and we enjoyed delicious Indonesian food with Indonesian beer. After dinner one had to leave, Ashley and the girls went on their own way but were gonna join us again later. The rest of us went to Comedy Café at Max Euweplein, near Leidseplein where Ape works. As he had to work, he asked us to go there that he could be a part of the meet up that way anyways. The bar was full so we had to sit outside on the terrace and tried to fit in under a shade, away from the rain. We weren't gonna go see a comedy show, just went for drinks.
Counting money for the bill
A show started at 9:00 and the bar emptied then so we went inside. Ape cleaned tables for us and served us beer. We drank, talked and laughed. Of course Ape had his famous monkey with him so it was with us while Ape worked. Everybody played with it and that poor monkey got abused so many times and different ways. But it seemed to enjoy the meet up anyways. A few TB's left at this point because they don't live in Amsterdam and had to catch trains. After few beers the rest of us said good bye to Ape and hoped that we see him again later in the night. Our next destination was bar called Waterhole. There was a band playing and the bar was pretty crowded. They had pool tables and when one was free, some of us decided to play pool.
Some had good luck and maybe some talent, some couldn't get the balls in even from the easiest places. No names mentioned. Some friends of Maartin joined us and also Ashley and the girl came there. I have no idea about the times anymore but some had to leave again to catch trains or drive back home to nearby cities. After few beers again we moved on to next place which name I don't remember. They played some pop, trance and hip hop, different kinds of dance music. I don't know was it the beer but we started to dance and had blast! Ape got off from work and joined us there. The meet up's total was 22 TB's or their friends, i think. In some point it was time to say good night and head home to sleep after a great wet night.
mvdbrand says:
Hey Jenny,
I still beat you at pool! ;-) More luck then skills I have to admit. :-)
Nice blog!
Posted on: Oct 14, 2008
Stevie_Wes says:
LOL, yep, good little blog Jen but I second what Bart says about monkey abuse ;D
Posted on: Oct 06, 2008
Biedjee says:
Nice write up Jen!
But "that poor monkey got abused so many times and different ways" - C'mon, watch what you are writing here, what would people think? We're all decent people, right? And besides, what happens at meet-up stays at a meet-up :-)
Posted on: Oct 05, 2008
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Counting money for the bill
Counting money for the bill
Other table
Other table
Good Indonesian food with Indonesi…
Good Indonesian food with Indones…
Our table
Our table
Outside of the dinner restaurant
Outside of the dinner restaurant
Playing with the monkey
Playing with the monkey
Our sweet waiter, Ape :)
Our sweet waiter, Ape :)
That poor monkey got abused so man…
That poor monkey got abused so ma…
Guys tried to look evil but that d…
Guys tried to look evil but that …
Playing pool. I was lucky, dont a…
Playing pool. I was lucky, don't …
Brett wasnt that lucky :D
Brett wasn't that lucky :D
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