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maintenance on engine 4 after a 9hr flight from jo-burg.

After nice evening,we celebrate the succes of the first flight, and after a good nightsleep, it was time for us to go back to the airport to prepair the plane for the trip the next day to luxor in egypte.We had a small oil leak on one engine ( for these engines it's normal that they are leaking), but this one we want to repaire it.We had to fill up the plane. The fuel truck for this type of fuel was small( we use avgas instead of kerosine) so it had to refuel it's tank 3 times to fill up our tanks and at the end the fuel storage on the airport was not enough to fill the whole airplane. For the last bit of fuel we had to wait till the next morning.On the airport everybody wants to help.A guy who was driving the water and waste truck offered us to drain the toilet.

mombasa airport.
We allowed him to do it but the water we will fill the water sytem by us self.Just before departure our captain received the bill for the work and it was pay or not leave.So for the next time we where warned to watcht out.

After the maintenance it was time to go back to the hotel, we had an appointment with a scuba dive school to go for a scubadive just outside the reef in front of mombasa. Because we where flying the next day we where not able to go deep,but it was beautiful to see all the live in that part of the indian ocean.

The next day we had to go up early because we had to fill up the last bit of fuel.So in the dark we had to prepaire the plane for the flight and wait for the crew and passengers.When the first ray of sunlight came on we started up the engines, taxi to the runway and off we went.The next leg Mombasa-luxor.   

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maintenance on engine 4 after a 9h…
maintenance on engine 4 after a 9…
mombasa airport.
mombasa airport.
view from the room.
view from the room.
the technical crew,me on the right…
the technical crew,me on the righ…
photo by: easyjobrob