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traditional balinese dance

this Hindu concept, Tri Hita Karana means to keep the harmonic balance of peace and happiness within tree key realtionship : between human to God, human to human and Human to environment. Palemahan is word that refers to land environment. Basic on this concept the Balinese treat the relation ship betwen human and environment with much rspect as they believe that a healthy well maintained environment will give provision for a better life.
frangipani flower ( bunga kamboja)


Tri Angga essentially means 'tree parts' High,middle and low and can be represented in the human body,building structures, town planning and the environment in which the Balinese live amongst.The tri Angga of Bali as a whole place are devidednas follows : the high (sacred mountains which form a ridge from east to West through the centre of the island). The midle (is where most of Balinese live), the low (is the sea)


This concept articulates the simple way to execute your actions in pursuit of Tri Hita Karana by conducting three actions : to think positive,to speak positive and to conduct your self in positive manner.

Adiputra and Manuaba describe the concept of tri kaya parisuda,which is the culmination of tri angga and tri hita karana in the following passage:
"it consist of thinking,talking and doing.
Bali nature
As Balinese, we should always think,speak and do the best intentions. These important three must be done in regards to our interaction with others and our environment of livig and non living things. This is also considered as a preservation principle with the last concept, doing or action, manifesting in a harmonious balance with the environment "

A great example of the Balinese intimate connection with the natural environment is Tumpek Bubuh ceremonial rituals for the plants and tree every 210 days. The Balinese give offerings to the trees with purpose that tree have given them prosperity and have played a crucial role in continuing the harmony and balance with the environment.

The balinese believe that they live in Paradise on earth, and they honour and respect the land they live on. Every dwelling has its own shrine and offerings (canang sari) of flowers,incence and holy water and at dusk (tri angga,tree parts of the day).
They trully live in perfect harmony with their environment.

The balinese live very close to the land. They like to smell the earth,hear the sound of the nature, be woken by the sound of cocks crowing and lulled to sleep by the sound of crickets or frogs. Event in urban areas,they utilized every element of earth,air,fire and water to create a deep sense of connection to the place in which they live.

Life in Bali is constantly moving, they simply live in the now.The people have an innate creativity and do not resist change in the way that western people do. This is one reason why their traditional way of life has survived,because they easily adapt and incorporate new influences arriving from west into their own culture.

It will be intresting in the future to see if environmental isues will be adapted to with such acceptance. According to these traditional beliefs the philosophy are compatible with both traditional and modern Balinese life styles and modern concepts of sustainable development.
Balinese dance
In order to ensure sustainable development in Bali to day and in the future, planning must be oriented to these traditional Balinese concepts. Accordingly the maintenance of traditional values and concepts greater recognition of these in the development of planning orocess will be essential to achieve sustainable development in the future.Although the enviromental athic is inherent in Balinese ideology these principles, law and customs must be passed down from generation to generation in a number of written spoken and performed forms.
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traditional balinese dance
traditional balinese dance
frangipani flower ( bunga kamboja)
frangipani flower ( bunga kamboja)
Bali nature
Bali nature
Balinese dance
Balinese dance
photo by: mr_shanet