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Linda and I were back in Singapore for about a week, and then we were given the opportunity to get a free trip to Hong Kong, so of course we took it!

Friday night after Linda and I had finished work, we finished packing and headed to the airport. Jason met us at the airport in Hong Kong and we got the train to our hotel.

The hotel was so nice! It was probably one of the nicest I have ever stayed in. I loved the views from my room, especially at night time.

Once we had settled into our rooms, we got ready and went out for dinner and then headed to Lan Kwai Fong for a night out. The first club we started at I actually enjoyed, although it might not have seemed like it! I met a guy there called Zoli, who was really nice, and we all decided to go onto another club with him and one of his friends.

It didnt take us too long to start to feel the affects of the alcohol as we were pretty tired, and we said goodbye to the guys. They invited us to their hotel the next day to relax by the pool, but we had other plans.

The next morning we got up pretty late, and made our way to the Disneyland train. It was a pretty cute train, with windows and the handles that you hold onto in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

We didnt spent too long at the park as it was so hot! So we had a look through all of the shops of course, got some lunch, and went on a few of the roller coaster rides. After that we went to watch some of the parade and then went back to the hotel. We decided that we all needed a few hours sleep to prepare us for the night out.

After our sleep, we went out for some dinner, and then headed back to Lan Kwai Fong to a sheesha bar.
We had a few drinks there, and then headed to some underground club. The music there was really good, and most of the crowd. There was one exception though. This guy walked by me twice and accidently bumped into me, but after the second time, with no apology, I got a little pissed, and decided to push him as hard as I could and start swearing like a mad woman. Linda had to hold me back and kept telling me to forget about it, and pretty soon I did.... haha....

The next day we got up pretty early and headed to Mong Kok and had a look around at all of the shops there. Then we headed to the ladies market, and had a laugh at all of the men's g-strings. We decided that only a freak would actually wear them.

That evening we flew back to Singapore, and headed straight to bed as we were all so tired....
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