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*This entry is backdated*

So I decided to head back to Singapore again since I loved it so much the first time. I arrived around 11pm, and went straight to the hotel. I got changed and went straight to Clarke Quay to meet some friends at the club MOS. I think I was there by midnight.... haha

Linda came and met me out the front, and introduced me to her friends. It was a crazy welcoming night, and we all got wrecked.

I woke up with yet another hangover (it appears that Singapore has this effect on me), and that evening met up with Linda again. We went to Boat Quay for dinner, and met up with Jason and some of his colleagues. We went back to MOS and clubbed away. There was a little drama later that night in the club with some of the group we were with, but all got settled after the security got into it!

We went to Linda's apartment and got her bags, and headed to my hotel.
We got about 2 hours sleep, and then got up at about 5am to head to the airport. We were going to Vietnam! Linda had never been there before, so we figured why not?

Once we boarded the plane, we both thought we were going to throw up everywhere. Those sick bags would have been useless. But, we pulled it together and made it the whole way without needing them.

We went straight to the hotel and just chilled out for the morning. We had some breakfast, and then Hong met us at the hotel. That night we went back to some of the bars I had been to previously.

The next morning we were up early, as we had booked to do a tour of the Mekong Delta. They took us to a few factories, and it was hard walk around in that heat, let alone work in it. The people working there were tough, thats for sure.
During the trip, we took a nice bike ride along the river, which was pretty refreshing.

Once we were back in Saigon, we decided to meet up with one of Linda's contacts in Vietnam. His name is Jeff. We also invited Hong out to dinner for us, and ended up at a seafood restaurant. Now eveyone that knows me, knows just how much I hate seafood! So, I ordered some boring, plain tasting noodles and vodka. After dinner we headed to a bar, and decided that Jeff is actually quite a bore. So, we ditched him pretty quickly, and went to a club.

The club was a lot of fun. We had some locals wanting to get us drunk on wine all night, and some Cambodian guys hitting on us all night. When we decided to really get firm with them, one of the guys wanted to get into a physical fight with us. Luckly some other guys came over and got him away.

At the end of a trip there, we gave Hong some pressies for her little baby, and had a lovely breakfast in a little cafe opposite the Opera House.
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