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*This entry is backdated*

I woke up early because I had to be up for the Halong Bay tour. I met a really nice family from Germany, and a girl from Japan. On the mini-bus on the way to Halong Bay, there were a bunch of guys from the UK who were so funny. They kept the bus laughing the whole way there.

When we got to Halong City, we all went to a restaurant, where I met some people who live pretty close to me. We had a huge lunch, and then went out to find our boat.

Some French tourists ended up joining us on the boat. They were so annoying. We got a small raft into a cave, and one of the French ladies kept sitting on me! I was so pissed!

We visitied some of the Grotto's and just cruised along the bay.
The German mum kept putting sunscreen on me. She pretty much mothered me the whole time, it was really nice. A really nice family....

Once we were back in Hanoi, I went to Sago and had some pizza for dinner. Then I went for a walk around the lake. There were about 40 people at the southern end of the lake doing some aerobics/dance to some early 90's English music. It was the funniest thing I had ever seen. It was one of them you had to be there moments. I wish I had my camera on me.

The next day I woke at about 6am, because there was music blasting in the street. I ended up falling back asleep, and ended waking up when Hien called.

I went out shopping and bought some new sandles, and a hat. I also hired a cyclo to take me around the city for one hour, which was really nice and relaxing.
The driver took me to a few places that I wouldn't have gone to if I was just walking around on my own.

After that I went to check my e-mail, and the lady in there asked me to join her for lunch. Soon after this we began to hear a lot of screaming from the street, and a crowd of people started to gather. We took a look outside and saw a lady yelling at another lady, and then she began to hit a guy who tried to calm her down.

A few minutes later, she was at the other end of the street having a go at the other lady again. Everyone on the street was stunned, as its not a common sight in Vietnam.

I went to Sago again for dinner, and had some spaghetti, and then went back to the hotel.

The next morning I went to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. It was so crowded. People were lining up to get inside from every single street in every single direction. It wasn't like that last time I was there.

After that, Hien came to the hotel, and My came as well. They took me out shopping, and I bought a skirt, and a few pairs of shoes.

Then it was time to say goodbye and get ready to go to the airport to go to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Hien is going to be going to Saigon for work, so I might see her down there.
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Halong Bay
photo by: miggitymax