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*This entry is backdated*

I went for a walk around some of the places that are close to my hotel. Then at 11am, Hong came and picked me up. She took me to a lot of different markets, that mostly sold clothes and shoes. I bought a few shirts, and some handbags at a good price. Hong was able to get the price down on most of the things I wanted to buy.

After a few hours of shopping, we went to a new restaurant that had just opened up. It was really nice to be in there, with nice air conditioning, and a nice selection of food. It was so hot and humid outside.

Hong invited me to her house for dinner that night. Before we went there, Hong took me to get my nails done. They look so good now. They are pink, with a nice black and silver design on them.
I also got a treatment done to my hair, which makes it straight permanently. Back home it costs so much to get this done, but it was so cheap here.

The place I got this done at was very different to the ones I had seen on Hai Ba Trung Street, and the surrounding streets. I guess because I got it done in district 8, not district 1. When I was getting my hair done, I had the water coming out of an old looking plastic hose, and the equipment for my nails, lets just say that I'm glad I had my injections before I went there.

After I had all of this done, I met Hong's Family. Her parents were there, her younger brother and sister, and two of her neices. They were all so welcoming and warm, and I really enjoyed my time there. Her mum cooked me a really nice chicken meal. It was kinda funny being at her place, because some of the people who live near her had never seen a foreigner before, so they were staring at my while I was eating through the window.

The next day I went for a walk around the area I was staying in last time I was in Saigon. I saw the hotel I stayed in last time, which looks like it has had some renovations done to it. I also saw the Wild Horse Saloon, which when I last was there, was undergoing renovations. The place looks great now.

I went for a walk down Hai Ba Trung Street, and after one hour, I decided to start walking back towards my hotel. I spent about 3 hours looking at the shops on the street, and I had only been down about half of it.

Hong picked me up at about 9.30pm, and she took me to a bar. There was mostly locals there, and it was really nice. They played great music, and the atmosphere was really good. Most of the staff there were dwarfs, only a few feet high. The drinks there were so strong.

After that bar, we went to a nice restaurant for a drink. We just had a chat, and then went back to the hotel.
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