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*This entry is backdated*

The next morning we all had to be up early to get a taxi to the train station. The driver we had was so funny, but the only things we could understand him saying were ‘shopping’ and ‘singing’. The news came on the radio about the soccer in the UK, and the driver started to sing in Thai so loudly, and turned the radio up so loud, and kept telling us to sing with him.

The bus station was crawling with people, and other forms of life too, as was the bus. Kel and I were just starting to relax on the bus, when all of a sudden I screamed out, because there was a bug crawling right next to her leg. I’m not so good with that kind of thing.

Once we were in Kanchanburi, we were taken to our hotel.
It was really nice, and most of the rooms were on water. Although, Kel and I were given a room on land, which was so discusting, that I just put my bag on the bed and ran out of there. We both decided that we wernt going to stay in there for the night. Everyone else had really nice rooms, and we wanted one too. In the end, we were given a really nice room on the water like everyone else, and the guy who had our room, checked out the next day thankfully, so we were moved to another nice room.

Kai’s sisters picked me and Kel up from the hotel in a ute. It was pretty cool riding along in the back of a ute, until it started to rain.

After that we all got long tail boats and went for a ride on the River Kwai. It was a lot of fun. We had a look at the Bridge Over The River Kwai, but our attention was quickly focused on the shopping.
We didn’t get much time for shopping though, as we had to get back onto the boats and go to the War Cemetery, and then to the JEATH War Museum.

We went for dinner that night to the floating restaurant, that is next to the bridge. It was really nice there. After dinner everyone came to our room for a few drinks, and a few games of cards.

The next day we woke early and as Kel opened the door to our room, a bunch a little Geckos ran in, a cat also attempted.

We got into some mini-vans, and were take to the Erawan Falls. Kel, Amy, Lauren, and I walked up to level 5. The falls were so beautiful, and the water was so clear. We could see all of the fish swimming around in the water.

When we were walking back down to the bottom, we decided to stop at level 3. Some of us went in the water, and some of us stayed out. I wasn’t too keen on swimming with hundreds of fish around my legs. Even sitting on the logs with my feet in the water was creepy enough for me. All in all, it was a really good day there.

After the falls, we went to Hellfire Pass. The views from there were really nice.

We went for dinner at the Jolly Frog, and then went to a bar. We didn’t spend too long there, and all had a pretty early night.
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