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Me at the Grand Palace
*This entry is backdated*

We left Melbourne about 1.15am, and arrived in Phuket about 6.30am local time. It was pretty nice flying over Phuket, looking down on the small islands. As soon as we stepped off the plane we noticed how humid it was. I wasn't in the mood for humidity at 6.30am after a long flight.

We didn't stop for too long in Phuket, just enough time to look around at the duty free shops and then get a drink. Then it was time to go to Bangkok. We arrived there about 8.30am, and the airport was pretty easy going. I was glad we had pre-arranged a taxi to the hotel.

As soon as we were out onto the streets, I began to have flashbacks to Egypt. You know, cars driving all over the place, pulling into the other lanes without looking, driving in 2 lanes at once, etc. I didn't expect as many motorbikes as I saw either. Once I saw a tuk-tuk, I knew that I wanted to go mad in one.

We stayed in the Asia Hotel, which was pretty nice, and I soon became quite familiar with their restaurants. They served some great food, although I stuck to the plain rice, and fruit.

Back home in Australia my dad had said to me that he wanted to go to a tiger zoo that he had seen on tv. So once we had settled into our rooms, we went and booked a taxi for 2,500 baht to take us there.

Once we arrived at The Sriracha Tiger Zoo, I was so hot and tired, that I just couldn't really be bothered. The zoo itself was actually kind of interesting. The huge lake filled with crocodiles was interesting, as was the min-circus, although I wasn't too impressed with the way that the tigers looked so scared of their trainers.

The crocodile show was pretty crazy, and all in Thai. I'm glad I didn't understand a word actually. I'm not really into watching people risking their lives by placing their heads into the crocodiles jaws. The good news is, they got through it.

After the show we visited a cave which held The Scorpian Queen. Now, she's a little crazy too if you ask me. I asked myself, 'why the hell would someone cover themselves with scorpions?', and then I realsied I wasn't in OZ anymore. Scorpions make a nice profit I learned.

By far, the best thing at the park was, guess it, the tigers. We saw little tiger cubs feeding on huge pigs, and the pigs were so cute in a tiger jumper. Dad and I really wanted to feed a tiger cub. I decided to go first, and I was shocked to see the size of the tiger that they placed on my lap! It was almost the size of my backpack! And, it was growling. Thank goodness they quickly bought the bottled filled with milk over for me to hold. I was beginning to freak out a little. But in the end, I didn't want to give the little tiger back. So cute. Dad enjoyed the whole experience too.

Oh we took an elephant ride there too. I didn't realise elephants were so hairy, but they were too cute!

For dinner we decided on delicious KFC from the Pantip Plaza. Can you tell I'm not a fan of Thai food? After that we took a tuk-tuk to the Patpong Markets. I told Dad that I would sell my car to buy a tuk-tuk for back home. Quite a little fun machine.

As for the market, typical tourist buys, but I enjoyed it for the most part. Just wasn't too keen on men trying to get me into the sex bars.

On our second day in Bangkok we went to The River Kwai, The Kanchanaburi War Cemetry, and a war museum. It was so sad to see how many people from my country who had lost their lives in Thailand, and the many others from other parts of the world. The boat ride up to view the bridge was pretty cool, as was the train ride down the track for a while.

That night took us back to the Patpong Market for some more shopping. It was Halloween, and all of the bar workers were dressed up, so it was a good experience. Especially since we don't celebrate Halloween in Australia.

On our last day in Bangkok we went to the Grand Palace. I was surprised with how large and colourful it was. Amazing really. I took a number of pictures, and then headed back to the hotel.

We packed our bags, and headed to the airport to go to Hanoi, Vietnam.
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Me at the Grand Palace
Me at the Grand Palace
photo by: Deats