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*This entry is backdated*

We got another early wake up call. This time it was 5am. We crossed The Nile, and got fitted to our donkey's on the other side. The took us to The Valley of the Kings. The donkey ride was by far the best thing I have done whilst being in Egypt. I couldn't get the smile off my face.

The Valley of the Kings was really big. Quite hard to walk around I found, as by 9.30am, it was so hot that we had all consumed a large amount of water each. We climbed up the side of a mountain to get a nice view, and met the donkey's at the top.

After walking our donkey's along the top of the mountain for a while, we got a nice view of Queen Hatseheptsut's Temple. I wanted to visit it, but apparently it was too out of the way.
I was pretty annoyed about that!

By the time we got to the bottom of the mountain, I could hardly walk. My legs were shaking so bad. But at least we got to ride the donkey's back to The Nile. Quite a funny trip back actually Phil's donkey got a little frisky and basically jumped onto the back of another one, whilst he was on it. We were all in a laughing fit.

Then we had a long and boring train ride back to Cairo. It was a day train, seating only, and it was so cold on board. I guess the good thing about taking the train ride during the day was that we got the chance to see the view and the people who lived close by.

That night the rest of the tour group were leaving, and Robin, David and I met up with Gaz and Charlotte, who were from England. We went out for dinner with them, sent some emails, and had an early night.
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