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*This entry is backdated*

It was only a few hours flight from Dubai, to Egypt. The airport wasnt so great. When we were landing I saw a lot of rubbish just beside the runways, and people just all over the place.

When we got to the terminal, I was kinda shocked to see an airport of this standard.... I guess it was my first taste of the good old culture shock. The airport pretty much looked like an old bathroom that had never been cleaned before.

When we were going through passport control, I was a little confused. It seemed some of the richer local men found it okay to cut in front of like 30 people at a time. I was so pissed, but hey, I wasnt in Melbourne anymore.

Anyways, David and I found our bags easily, but Robin couldn't find her's anywhere. Then an Egyptian man approached me, and told me there was a similar bag at the opposite end to where we were standing. Nice, so we begin to walk over there when, shit! Some lady had totally pushed her trolley into the back of my ankle.... like that didn't hurt.

So the rest of the way out of the airport was a little crazy. Hundreds of Egyptians calling out 'Taxi, you want taxi?' Luckly we had pre-booked one already.

We walked to the taxi, which seemed like it was parked in the middle of nowhere, got in the car. Phew, it was hot, and what? No seat belts. Awesome! Or not so. Once we left the airport and hit the streets of Cairo, I have to admit, I was a little scared.

They dont pay attention to which side of the road you drive on, the speed limits, etc. People were walking straight out onto the roads in front of fast moving cars. I guess this was culture shock part two.... hahahaha. I actually saw a car that stopped in the middle of a 4 lane road, got out with a basket, sat in front of the car, pulled food out of the basket, and eat it. I was spinning out.

As for my room here, its pretty nice. I have a balcony with a view of the Giza Zoo, and when it's clear enough, I can see the Pyramids. I sat out there and wrote out a few postcards, and just watched some of the craziness.
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photo by: vulindlela