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I am in Paris the food it great, the drivers are rude, the mopeds are crazy and the weather......well it certainly is fall....and I am disappointed to see the Eifel Tower lit up in blue.  And to make it worse, they have flashing lights all over it at the top of the hour.  It reminds me more of Las Vegas than Paris.  To me this is like us putting flashing Christmas Tree Lights on the White House.   See the Picture...I got the blue but could not bring my self to take a picture when the white lights are flashing.  I was so ashamed for the Parisians.

I met a couple from New York at a corner cafe...sorry I failed to get the name, I'm new at this so give me a break, anyhow they were thinking of not waiting the 2 hours it would take to get to the top of the Eifel Tower but I convinced them that they could not come all this way and not do it.

  The view from the top is so amazing it would have been sad had they not gone.  And I know they went because I ran into them again at the very top at sunset while they were taking pictures...yet another vacation saved;)

Here is a funny story, or it is to me, I went to dinner Thursday night with two colleagues and when we were seated, my French friend received the French menu while my English friend and I were given the "for stupid tourist" version on a bright yellow sheet of paper.  While I do appreciate that in any given restaurant in Paris you can get an English version of a menu, I thought printing it on yellow paper was a little over the top.  So does anyone know a good joke that starts with "A Frenchman, an Englishman and an American walk into a bar"?  I'm sure it would be appropriate here.


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photo by: Sweetski