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Imagine yourself in one of the most romantic spots in Japan.
For me this was Miyajima after sunset. All of the tourists left the island at 5pm (1700h) latest, even when the latest ferry is departing way after 10pm (2200h). We didn't complain about it.

When we arrived in Hiroshima, the sun started to set and was completely gone when we arrived at the island. We were told to call the Ryokan and they would get us.
Problem: The counter was closed and no public telefon booth in sight. The small shop was closed, too.
But again we seemed to look really lost and a woman came to us, asking if we were guests of a Ryokan at the island. We nodded and told her, we were looking for a telephone to call the Jukeiso to get us.
She called for us and we thanked her very much.
We got out of the ferry building and instantly we got 'attacked'. The infamous deer made themself known and chewed on the suede jacket of my friend. I had a good laugh because my friend didn't believe the reports about the deers on Miyajima.
After waiting a little while a small van came. Later we discovered it seemed to be one of the three only cars at this island. The driver was the receptionist of the Jukeiso-Ryokan and we talked over the quick drive. He told us, he was in Germany some time ago... and guess, where he went... yes, to the Oktoberfest. For me it was a little frustrating to here that. Why is everyone thinking only about the Oktoberfest, when thinking of Germany. It wasn't the only time this happened.
We talked about the natural forest at the island, which is a natural and so the lanes weren't paved because it is forbidden.
Next day we saw the lanes and were surprised a car could go that way.
We wouldn't want the elder man to carry our trolleys. But he insisted and we gave him the lighter one. The other one I carried.
The Ryokan itself was quite cool. I really like it the moment we arrived. At the door they greeted the guests arriving with a paper taped to the entrance. Then we proceeded to the desk and he bend and got a german flag and placed it on teh desk next to the other flags. The flags represented the nationalities of the guest staying at the Ryokan at this time.
Another woman showed us our room. I booked one with view to the sea and I thought we got to see only the ocean, but after getting to the room, removing our shoes and stepping into the main room, I was amazed to look at the red torii in the water.
Wow, the day got better with each hour.
We were asked if we wanted tea, and we said: 'Yes, absolutely.' When the lady left to get it, we looked at each other and we knew, that's what we waited for the whole time we were in Japan. After only a hour we already loved the island. Sometimes you just get that kinda feeling that you arrived at the right place.
After getting settled and some tea, we told the lady we are gonna take a walk and discover the surroundings a little, we stepped out of the Ryokan. Meanwhile she laid out the futons and aired the room.
After looking around the entrance area, we saw, that we had to descend the stairs to get to the main street. In the dark and with not so much light it was kinda fun and kinda adventurous. We saw a lot of insects which clung to the light walls and the lights.
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genex13 says:
that was what i loved most about it... being quite and kinda ancient.
Posted on: Jan 05, 2009
bcbusdriver says:
Loved this island. Seems to be about 200 years behind the rest of Japan, in a good way. Almost too quite at night.
Posted on: Jan 05, 2009
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