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Apparition Hill, Medjugorje

So, apparition, huh? .... Well, here's how it went:

My friend and I weren't really sure how to get to Cenacolo Community nor when, but, as I mentioned before, we had a very helpful landlady. After we had told her about it, she said she had a group of italian pilgrims in the new building of her hotel who were to go to the apparition as well, and offered to introduce us to their parishener. It appeared that the man spoke croatian, and he offered us to come along. We happily accepted. Early at 4 a.m. the next morning, we had a quick breakfast with the group and joined them in their bus. It was still dark when we arrived at Cenacolo Community, and me, not being a morning person at all, couldn't help but wonder "What the heck are we doing here at 4:30 in the morning???? The appariton is supposed to be at 9".

Cindy's place, Medjugorje
I learned better: the assembly hall was crowded! I mean,.... packed with people. The assembly hall is a not very big prefabricated building, open space and a small stage with a little altar downstairs, and a gallery upstairs. From others we learned that you can write down your prayer for Mary, and hand the paper over to the boys, who put them at the altar, as well as items you would like to have blessed. Downstairs we squeezed among the hundreds of people, trying to make ourselves comfortable on the floor, upstairs there were some people sitting in chairs, and a small band was playing gospels. Thou it was so early in the morning, more and more people kept coming. But the atmosphere was great: the band was playing, everybody was singing, and in between the Rosary was prayed, with the microphone being handed from one person to another, the prayer went on in different languages. Soon we were all into it. Some might say "Psychology of the masses" .... so what? We had a great time!

As 9 o'clock was coming near, my friend and I managed to get to the gallery. The guy at the entrance couldn't resist our pleading look, I guess, and we are eternaly grateful to him for letting us upstairs. The music and singing and the prayer went on, when suddenly there was a commotion. Mirjana had arrived, accompanied by a small group of people. She didn't adress anyone, there was no official introduction or any other kind of "Show", she just came, stood in front of the little altar and waited, being in silent prayer.

I have to say here, that I've never really given much thought about my believe or not believe. I was raised in a catholic family, it is tradition to go to sunday mass, celebrate the holidays, say your prayers. You kind of get used to it, and don't question it. But I had started to question. You know, things like "Why does God allow all that evil crap happening in the world?" and "Why do I have to deal with this problem, when I'm being such a good girl??? (this problem being a flunked exam, broken heart, flat tyre, bla bla bla). Made me also explore other religions, but that just made things worse, and I came to the conclusion that people are just crazy and no God or whoever can fix it. My visit to Medjugorje came in a time I was more sarcastic than understanding, more doubtful than trusting and, to be honest, seeking for some hope. Believe in the supernatural? Hm, I love the tv-show, but that's all fantasy, right? But then again, during all these years noone managed to actually prove that the visionaries were lieing. Just like noone managed to prove they're not.

So, here I was, in Medjugorje, and just about to see .... what?

Nothing. But I could hear it. A kinda sizzling sound like air coming out of a flat tyre. And then suddenly everybody went silent. I mean, one second everybody was singing, the band was playing, and the next one everybody was just silent. There were hundreds of people there, but I swear you could have heard a pin fall to the ground. ............ I won't go further into this, mostly because my vocabulary for describing this ends here. And because this is getting too personal. All I can say is go and see /feel for yourself. Because something is happening there. Something everybody should know about.

I'm still not an avid churchgoer, but when I do go it's joyful and uplifting. And I've found out it doesn't matter what church I go to. I still have questions, but I know that everything's gonna be all right (don't ask me how I know, I just know :-)). Yes, bad things happen, but so do good things. And not all people are crazy, Dean. And if we don't see things with our own eyes, doesn't mean they can't touch your heart. Just gotta open up a little bit, and put that sarcasm and doubt aside. Just a little bit.

The apparition ended quickly, it must've lasted not longer than 5 minutes. I guess. As soon as it ended the band started playing again. Mirjana left, as silent and quick as she came. A man took over the mic and told Our Lady's message in various languages. Then the crowd started to leave, but some were still sitting there praying, some were crying. The guy at the entrance gave me and my friend an understanding smile. Yeah, we were shaken up, it was plain to see.

Don't have to mention that our drive home was an interesting 'psychology/sociology/theology/what the heck happened?'-session any therapist would have had his joy with.


mothernatureobeyed says:
Although, being a non-believer, this is not an interest of mine, and I wouldn't travel this distance for such an event, I must admit I felt a growing sense of suspense because you are such a good storyteller!

Your ability to tell a story is very appealing and the description makes me smile and leaves me feeling a little bit curious. I'm glad you presented it the way you did, as you were not completely convinced at the beginning, but came away more convinced at the end. I liked your description of the "urban planning" and the "naive" architectural phenomenon of Cindy's place... naive art and architecture can be fascinating and informative.

I'm glad I read this! You have a talent for writing interesting blogs and your use of the English language is better than most students in the U.S.! (sad to say ;))
Posted on: Dec 18, 2008
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Apparition Hill, Medjugorje
Apparition Hill, Medjugorje
Cindys place, Medjugorje
Cindy's place, Medjugorje
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