Who Let the Skunks Out?!?!?!

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After getting up at the crack of dawn to get a long work day in before leaving for Los Angeles, I get a phone call from my darling mother who inquires as to my arrival date. 

"You aren't arriving TODAY, are you?," she quips. 

"Uh,  yeah, planning to get on the road after traffic, why?," I ask  

"Hmmm, you might want to see if you can find another place to stay tonight!"

"WHAT?!?!?! Ok, spill it, what happened NOW?"

There seems to be this black cloud that follows my family and I and I haven't quite figured out how to ditch it yet! Just when things start to look up or seem non eventful, something always happens! For those who know my tales of woe with my little "sister" aka my parent's dog, Fifi, there seems to be drama with her the last few trips I've made down in 2008!  As long as I don't stay at the house, things seem ok!! When I was down in February, she got into my luggage and swallowed an 800 mg Ibuprofen and we rushed her to the ER vet and had her stomach pumped - poor thing almost died.  Next visit I was preparing to head out to Disneyland with OCWarren when I discovered her gnawing on the power cord to my work laptop and apparently grabbed her just in time as my Dad said she was about one more nibble away from being blown sky high based on the particular wires she chewed through.  My visits in May and June were TB related and I hung out with the TB crew so no doggy drama!  I come down for my Mom's surgery the last time and my parents had their dog trainer board Fifi since we were at the hospital round the clock.  The first night we bring Mom home from the hospital and have all kinds of problems getting her settled in and calmed down, we get a phone call at 3am that Fifi had been rushed to the ER vet due to becoming violently ill.  And now fast forward to today...........

Apparently, my dad let the Fifster out to potty at 3am when he was leaving for work.  Hmmm, well next thing you know, she comes tearing through the door and the most god awful odor eminating from her little 7 lbs of Pomerian fluff.  Yup, curious little Fifi found herself a skunk and got sprayed right between the eyes.  She ran down the hallway, managing to contaminate every room and surface she could. She was foaming at the mouth, almost convulsing, and off to the emergency vet the go.  The hospital near the house closed apparently so they came back and were calling people - found another hospital who refused to allow Fifi admittance due to the skunk smell - they didn't want to contaminate the hospital!!! LOL.  They gave my parents a list of stuff to go buy to help with the smell and off to the drug store they go.  I guess the security guard commented on Dad's resemblence to Pepe Le Peau! LOL. 

Well, 12 hours later is when Mom calls me with the great news that the house smells and if I come, everything I bring will likely smell of skunk as well.  Great....I was meeting Julz, Angel, and Joe (vimmesir) from Australia at Disneyland the next day!!! LOL. 

I ended up waiting at home until around 8pm when I got on the road which should put me in to my folks at around 2am...how bad could the smell still be, right? 

OMG, I arrived and the stench hit me like a ton of bricks.  It was the worst chemical type smell imaginable.  It made my throat partially close up and I just wanted to run out of the house screaming.  I walked into "my" bedroom and what do I find?!?!  Fifi is wallowing in the blanket and pillow I am supposed to be sleeping on....AAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH   I throw her stinky little body off and try to air out the bedding with little success.  And it's my favorite Pooh Bear blanket no less!!!!!! :-( 

Next thing you know it's 4am and I have to be up in less than 3 hours before Joe shows up and we head off to Disneyland to meet the girls.  Oh well, sucked it up and tried to fall asleep with the noxious odor wafting through the room.  Hopefully I don't stink too bad at Disneyland..HA HA HA. 


Hummingbird says:
Isn't it fun and exciting what a few pounds of dog can find to get into? :)
Posted on: Oct 08, 2008
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