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My search for employment in the grand city of Amsterdam has so far not yielded any last success. I won't bore you with the details of me running all over the city applying everywhere that would accept my CV (including a very hysterical afternoon doing laps of the World Trade Centre trying to find the ONLY street that nobody has ever heard of...culminating in my walking through nettles and spending the next few days feeling as though my feet were on fire..). I would like to point out that this is no criticism towards the Dutch- merely venting my frustration caused by that one TINY SoFi number!!

On happier notes, my gorgeous fiance Maarten celebrated his 21st year of existence this Thursday (Donderdag to you lot)! Well he worked all day so we had to party on Friday instead.
He had planned to party on Saturday, so I invited some of his close friends to surprise him on Friday night. Needless to say we had an amazing night. And definitely succeeded in our mission to get the birthday boy utterly plastered! Love you hun!

We started the night at T' Genootschaap, a "very Dutch" student bar just off Leidseplein. The place was cute and cosy- "hezeleg"- and had a very wide range of alcohol! Maarten and I were joined by Sanne, Lizzie, Nic, Mark, Laura and Stefan. Not to get all mooshy on you but our friends really made the night, it was great to be with people we're comfortable with and just have a great time. I think Maart appreciated the "thoughtful gifts" too. And it really showed on the bike ride home too!

From T' Genootschap we moved onto Black & White, on the Leidselplein.
It has the most RANDOM selection of music you could possibly pick out. Actually, I don't think a sane person could come up with the combination. Alas, my dutchies love it. The boys get so into all the old songs and I can understand the sentiment if not the words. Honestly, they must end up there at some point every weekend, I'm pretty sure the bartenders know them by name.

At some point we moved on to the Cooldown Cafe, this is a reeeeeally popular bar/club. It was PACKED, you had to fight tooth and nail to get to the bathroom and the round journey took about 45mins. They played great music and I had fun dancing, though my gorgeous red high heels were feeling a bit less attractive at this stage. It got a bit tiresome getting constantly bumped and this is definitely not the place to hold a deep and meaningful discussion but it was still FUN!

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icky sweaty man
icky sweaty man
dancing weirdo
dancing weirdo
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