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I guess I'll tell you when it's all done. Just wanted to voice my excitement :P

Well I have sufficiently recovered from last night to properly write about it! I have to admit that I felt very disorganised for the whole afternoon! Saturday I was running around cleaning my house because 4 of the girls were staying over and then Sunday my parents-inlaw were coming for lunch! So by the time it got to 15.30 I was running late and I had to try and get to Centraal Station!

Little did I realise that this meant finding my way (on a bike, with no bell, and questionable breaks) through Amsterdam centrum on a Saturday afternoon!! It was mad! I actually caused a teeny tiny accident because I somehow failed to communicate with a very irate Dutchman. Ah well, no injuries.. except to my pride. It took me about 25mins just to get from Rembrantplein to the end of the Damrak (and I didn't even crash once) though it was much easier to fit in with all the tourists on bicycles and just go with the flow.

I got to the Free Record Shop and found Sonja, Brett and his friends Ryan, Melissa and Thomas patiently waiting for me! Jessica also met us in the Station and there were far more people on time than I had planned on! :P So we decided the best thing to do would be to make our way on foot down to Dam Square. A couple of others such as Dennis, Bart, Eef and our TB virgin Marthijn met us in the Square. I had been planning on waiting a little longer there but it was so FREAKING cold! So, bypassing the insanity of Kalverstraat- the main shopping street which actually looked like a river of humanity- we began to walk down to Spui (pronounced "Spow" and I have no idea what it is apart from being a tram stop) and found ourselves at the end of Leidsestraat and Singel. For any interested parties, Singel is the canal with the flower market along one side. It had some especially lovely old buildings and I really quite like that area. I chose Cafe Replay because firstly, I knew where it was and how to get there and I knew it was walking distance from Centraal Station but not too hidden away! Secondly, it's big enough to comfortably fit a large group of TBs without us feeling like an invading army.

We warmed up with traditional Warmechocolade, which I suspectis just Chocomel nuked in the microwave for a few minutes! Everywhere in Amsterdam has suspiciously similar tasting hot choc. Anyway, we happily settled in out of the cold and chatted away in true TB style. The best thing about organising this meet was that everyone was so forgiving and there were plenty of experts to help me along the way. It makes it really enjoyable when you don't have to 'babysit' a large group. In fact, I had managed to run out of phone credit so I ducked out to buy more while the others got to be all cosy ("hezelegh") and warm!! Of course, the Vodafone shop didn't have any vodafone credit... but we won't go there.

Keiko and I played phone tag for a while but we managed to get her safely to the Cafe, Jenny also got there safely and so now we numbered 12! Around 18.40 we decided to make our way down the Leidsestraat to the Indonesian restaurant that I picked out for our dinner. The restaurant, called Puri Mas, specialised in a very Dutch creation called the Rijsttafel. This is a great group dinner idea, you are given a range of dishes that everyone shares. That way you can try many things for a set price! It was quite affordable I thought! And they had an ingenious method of separate billing for drinks (see my review).

At dinner we were met by Bas, my fiance Maarten, Ashley, and her friends Mara, Nikki and Nora. I really enjoyed the food, it was a great mix of spicy and mild so I think there was something for everyone! My favourite dish was the really spicy beef sambal! It was great to have a spicy dish that is ACTUALLY CHILLI! No offence meant to the Dutch, because it happens in France and Australia too, so many times you are told that a dish is 'spicy' but they have taken the hot chilli out! Brett had similar feelings I think haha :D

Just before 9pm we left and decided to go to the Comedy Cafe, near Hard Rock Cafe and Paradiso. Nic (more commonly known as Ape) works there and he invited us to drop by. Everyone had a great time with Nic's Ape (whose name is Ape I assume), taking lots of very compromising photos of the poor toy! Nic even gave us the "TB treatment" with the bill, thanks heaps mate! Unfortunately several people had to catch trams and trains and do horrible things like WORK on a Sunday morning. SO we said goodbye to Jessica and Keiko and Nic and everyone else moved on to the Waterhole.

The Waterhole was Maarten's suggestion, its a very country style pub, with pool tables and a dance floor and it was big enough for all of us and they had a good cover band playing some golden oldies and some newer music. The atmosphere was great! Fun and relaxed and better yet, they sold beer! We met up again with Ash and the girls, and Maartens' friends Mark, Stefan and Martijn. They are very awesome types so I was thrilled they could make it!

After a while we headed on to a favourite amoung some of the Dutchies. Around the corner was a bar known as Black and White. Very similar to the White Bear in D'dorf. They played a lot of RANDOM music, though less Ramstien, and it was good just to jump around and be nuts. At one point the bartender actually lay on the bar so that some women could do shots from his belly button....

Around 3.30am we decided to call it a night. Ash, Nikki, Nora and Mara got a cab to our house and Maarten and I followed on our bikes. I thought I did OK considering I would have been legally NOT competent driving a car (I don't think I was sober enough to drive a bumper car to be honest) thank god it's almost a straight line from Leidsplein to my house!

I had a really wonderful time, only made possible by the awesome people that came along and enjoyed it with me. Thanks a million to everyone! And if you, dear reader, are ever in Amsterdam... Look me up!
jenzar says:
Nice one Kat! The meet up was awesome, I had a great time and think that you made a good job organizing it! Hope to you soon! xx
Posted on: Oct 06, 2008
Bondy2007 says:
'At one point the bartender actually lay on the bar so that some women could do shots from his belly button....' Ashley right?
Posted on: Oct 06, 2008
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