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I have also been busy organising a meet through TB! I'm excited and slightly stressed because I want everyone to have fun but at the same time I'm very much new to the city (the whole point of the meet) and I feel a bit like I'm working half blind. At first, I wanted to book Humphrey's which was the place they went to last Amsterdam meet. However, I left it a little last minute... Thursday... and they were fully booked! So I hurried onto TB and picked Puri Mas. Actually I had a look a 3 different places and Puri Mas happened to be at the top of my list of numbers. I was in luck! They happily accommodated 20 people at such short notice. It was also in a really handy location, between the Cafe Replay- where I planned to go for pre-dinner coffee etc- and Leidseplein which is the main clubbing area.

There was a little confusion over the meeting spot as well. Hey, I didn't realise that there would be TWO supermarkets of the same name in one trainstation!! So the Free Record shop seemed like a better idea. Though, with all the people milling around waiting for people, I'm not so sure the train station was the smartest choice. Ah well, we live and learn!

Here's hoping it's a good night! I even have a list to tick off my flock!

And just to really up my stress levels. My parents in-law are coming for 'Sundy Lunch' the day after the meet! So not only am I trying to organise my Meet up, I have an obsessive need to clean my house and am stressing about having to cook for 6 people after staying out god knows how late! Plus seeing as though we are relatively new at living alone, or at least I am and I didn't exactly bring any household items from home; I am also stressed about HOW I am going to feed these people when I DON'T OWN A DINING TABLE OR CHAIRS (or very many cups, plates etc). Also, I don't cook. As in, I can't, I am salad girl! I cook pasta, rice, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, and even the occasional omelet. I don't do fancy meals... it's safer that way..
jenzar says:
I hope the dinner went well after all :)
Posted on: Oct 06, 2008
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