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Through my work babysitting and pet-sitting I have met some incredible people. I have also learned how Amsterdam can feel so much like a village. At every turn you seem to run into people who know people you know! On top of this everyone seems to have a fantastic job! Anyway, somebody I worked for managed to get me a free tour of the new and improved and FINALLY opened Heineken Brewery and Museum.

We went through the whole tour and I even got to see a few non-public bits such as the incredible view from the roof of the brewery! The Experience is actually pretty great (would have been better if I could actually taste the beer but working with children sort of forbids that...). They have done a great job of being modern but avoiding the "euro-trash" look and by keeping some of the original parts as close to they were as possible.

Let's see, there is the room full of huge tanks where they boil barley and hops and yeast all together. You get to walk through a silo that used to keep barley, you even get to taste barley, hops is not recommended unless inside beer. They have great old advertising posters and a tacky but sweet video about the history of the name Heineken and the company.

Afterwards there was an interactive ride, which I thought was pretty cool! It's not exactly thrill-seekers paradise but you get to see the beer making process from inside the bottle. I won't give it all away though! There are some sweet audio-visual effects throughout the tour such as the "Beer Tunnel" and the party room where you enjoy beer while being bombarded by images of Heineken. The bottles used to decorate the party room number in the tens of thousands. I got to speak to the art director of the project and she let us in on some of the cool things they did!

Another fantastic thing is the 'smart' bar tables which react to the glass being placed down. It's hard to explain but it's like a touch-screen... anyway that is cool too. Last but not least I got to 'bottle my own' beer for 5E. Not sure what I'll do with it but 'tis a nice souvenir!

The perks of my job are sometimes very sweet and sometimes a little bitter and bubbly. I had a great day and for 15E the tour is not bad as tourist hooks go. It's got my stamp.


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photo by: pearcetoyou