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Beers With The Girls To Celebrate My Last Night

The best things in life always end too soon. Due to one of my best friends getting married, I could only spend 1 out of 2 weeks in Kyrgyzstan. I even had to miss out on the 3 day R&R trip including horse riding, white rafting, seeing the mountains & more than likely inadvertently eating some goat's testicles.

My time there, however short, was amazingly rewarding thanks to my lovely adoptive parents.

The other volunteers made my time so enjoyable that it was even harder to leave. There was not one person I disliked even if they did make fun of my accent constantly. I would honestly like to meet each one of them again someday. I hopefully will.

Chris & Marie are off to lead a build next September and I must admit, I am heavily considering joining them.

Being Presented With The Traditional Hat From Our Lovely Coordinator Daniya
It would be in New Zealand which would be pretty cool. No language barrier. Four seasons in one day and all that. I have never been there. What better excuse do I need to go. Maybe this time my office will believe me that the country actually exists and sponsor me.

If anybody is considering any other global village trip, please let me know, I may tag along with you.

This was my first trip where the primary focus was to do good or to volunteer. It certainly will not be the last. Again, without sounding like Im up my own arse, a holiday were you volunteer is far more rewarding than the typical trips I've been on which revolve mostly around getting drunk.

They say that volunteering is the most self-less thing that a person can do. I say, no, it's the most selfish thing that we can do.

Normal travel is not half as rewarding in my honest opinion. The good you do, no matter how little, is merely a by-product of your selfish pursuit of self-gratification that your place in the world is somehow more significant.

So call me selfish because doing good things makes me feel good whilst doing bad makes me feel bad. Simple as. That's my basic philosophy. 

derekbilldaly says:
cheers Ann, I can honestly say it was a fantastic organisation to work with and I made some great friends through it. There are few better feelings than meeting a lovely family and then seeing their happy faces when you finish building them a house!
Oh and travelling to wierd hard to pronounce countries is always a must haha
Posted on: Mar 13, 2009
annthansten says:
this program sounds great, i'm going to check it out, i've always wanted to go to weird eastern countries :)
Posted on: Mar 12, 2009
derekbilldaly says:
Thanks buddy!
Posted on: Nov 24, 2008
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