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My home for the month

Finally I got some sleep. My team showed up and I was just too tired to go to the office. Took an Ambien and remember nothing else until about 15 minutes ago. But get this…I travel to India and get Dominos for dinner. Hell, I don't even eat Dominos in America...but they wanted to get something in me and it was greatly, greatly appreciated! Tomorrow night we eat more traditional foods, I hope!


The grounds here are nice. I’m in a totally gated community with guards. When I get ready to leave the complex, we have to call them. 


My driver will arrive daily at the house to take me where I want to go. Funny thing he, he doesn’t speak a word of English.

Not a word. Should be interesting. I’m actually happy I’m not staying at a hotel now. Not that having a blow dryer wouldn’t be nice, but this is going to truly be a cultural experience I will NEVER forget.


The Director of Facilities at my office came by this morning and saw how tired I was, so we agreed staying home and resting was my best option. It made me appreciate the work done to get this apartment ready specifically for me. He was here until midnight last night and finally chased the owner of the flat out. The paint fumes, though irritating, are just a sign of how honored I should be to be in this house.


Now, being watched while I type is nerve wracking, but my house man shadows me everywhere. He even walked into my bedroom this morning to make my messy bed. I went to throw away a candy wrapper….he was insulted, took the wrapper and let me know that is his job.

Goes back to what Dad taught me…it doesn’t matter if you are CEO or toilet scrubber, be the best you can at your job and you will always have your pride. My companion does just that.


He has also taken great pains to get me coffee. I will occasionally hear the doorbell signal and one of the other house people bring a thermos….black coffee…mmmmmmmmmmmm


So, my pizza has arrived (woo hoo!) and the other house guys from nearby are here helping prepared the kitchen. It is an interesting community so far. The hierarchy is obvious everywhere you look, yet those at a lower status are equals amongst each other and seem to have close bonds, though they have just met.


This apartment is quite large, with what I count as 5 individual bedrooms, though I am assured it will be just him and me for now.

Looking out to the street from my room.


I did learn today that outside of America, women should not shake hands. Though the recipient seems to understand the meaning, for a woman to reach forward to a man to touch, they give a strange look. Or maybe the strange look is at the fact that I tower over EVERYONE...who knows!


I already understand the “timid” issue we are dealing with at work. It is just the nature of the best to continue in the roles. I think being asked me to come was a good idea. There is much for me to learn about behavior patterns, communications and understanding between cultures. If I can just get my managers to begin to comprehend this culture, it would makes things much more productive for all involved.


I do wish I could contact my family tonight, but tomorrow is soon enough for that I suppose. I set their expectations to Thursday, so hopefully they can wait.  I know my children are anxious to hear from me and we all know that might randomly fall off the face of the earth while out of cell coverage area. J


Now I am sitting here amazed that I traveled ½ way around the world and am eating dominos. WTF? I have been assured that my companion will cook Indian tomorrow night. He has been cooking for people for 5 years now and I am excited to see what he can do on the “stove” which consists of a gas hookup to a portable stove top…gas cooking. OMG, I just realized they popped a wad of money yesterday on a refrigerator! It still has the foam on the handle to avoid damage. I will wait and see how long they will last, or for fun, will remove them to see what my companion does. J


This evening started when the owners of this apartment showed up. We talked about the work put into its current status and what they will be doing to make it better. To top it off, Rashmi helped me understand my houseboy’s role here. It is difficult to work with, but we will do okay. My personal driver is available 24x7 as driver, guide and body guard, which is really humerous to me since I  have at least 100 lbs on him. However, the males within this society follow certain guidelines and I have no doubt, despite his size, he will take good care of me. We took a walk around the inner grounds of the community, where I am permitted at all times in whatever I want to wear. The pool is gorgeous and there is a workout facility, so maybe I can make good use of the time the gods are giving me while here. Though I cannot leave in the dark, I am free to go to the gym and pool after dark with nobody bothering me. How cool!


Rashmi (flat owner) has invited me to dinner and the Dessehra Festival with her and her husband tomorrow. Tomorrow is another festival celebrating tools. It was created by farmers to allow them to thank the gods for the tools and weapons that allow them to live. I’m told there will be an effigy and burning and fireworks. How can that not be fun. Any time there are fireworks and flame, a good time is going to be had by all.


This trip will teach me so much more than ever expected, and how to accept the hierarchal system of living. It bothers me, but the drivers and houseboys seem well taken care of, though lines do not appear to be crossed. They are not friends, but servants.


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My home for the month
My home for the month
Looking out to the street from my …
Looking out to the street from my…
photo by: paganmom