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Arrived safely, though exhausted and out of place, in Delhi. Our flight from Frankfurt was very late, so missed the driver, was seized upon like a piece of meat at zoo…finally found my driver and made it to Noida. I had always wondered what it would be like to arrive at an airport and see someone with your name on a plaque…WELKUM INDIA KATRINA BIRD…I can tell you, it was like being thrown a life-vest in a sea of sharks. People in South America have nothing on Indians and aggression at airports.


And Delhi drivers? Holy shit. It was nearly 4:00 am and was like a circus on the freeway. No rules or rhyme or reason to how they drive. Motorcycles zipping in between two huge trucks, loaded with who knows what, with barely an inch to spare on each side, trusting the drivers won’t squish them. I now know why I have a driver.


It is too dark to tell, but the outside and grounds look really nice, but the apartment itself smells so strong of paint that it is making me sick. But, that is part of the adventure.


I believe I met my live in house person. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but will in the next few hours. As usual, I’m unable to sleep. I’m going on 3 days without a snooze and I’m beat! I arrived here and was handed the manager phone, so have a cell, but nobody to call. I don’t know the Xavient office number here in Noida and have no internet that I can find. The Xavient team member that met me when I arrived called and said it was not complete and they would be working on it for the next couple of days. What the hell that means I don’t know. I’m glad it is me here, as I don’t think my coworkers are very tough and would tolerate it. We’ll see how the morning light changes things and hopefully this will work out. I have no idea how far the office is from this location, nor how I am to get there. Hopefully my team will enlighten me in the morning.

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New Delhi
photo by: spocklogic