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For flights going to United States, there's this prelimary security check that they do in Changi airport just before you go to the check in counters. A security officer will interrogate you about your purpose of travel to the US, where you'll stay, etc. and then also if you have any liquids on your carry-on bag. I am fine with these checks but I do wish the officers know what they are asking, especially if it's 4 in the morning and you have barely had any sleep. 

Officer: Are you working in the US?

Me: No, I work and live here (Singapore).

Officer: (looking at my Permanent resident's card) Your PR will expire when you go out of Singapore, you know...

Me: (dumbfounded) Huh? I've been going in and out of Singapore for the past 2 years as a PR (A PR pass is good for multiple entries for 5 years).

After checking with her supervisor she came back to me and said nothing more about it. Then she asked if I have liquids in my carry-on bag. I said yes, and they are in my small transparent pouch bag with a zipper. She said no, it must be on a ziploc and she gave me a ziploc bag.




smuffygt says:
I was just teasing. And no I'm not a jerk. Most people know that! :P
Posted on: Oct 04, 2008
JeAr says:
nako, agapan yan, magpa-derma! :D
Posted on: Oct 04, 2008
coffeefairy says:
awww, Joshua, don't cry, it wasn't you :)

jear, yeah, nagkakawrinkles tuloy ang aking fez :P
Posted on: Oct 04, 2008
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