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This is my last day in sydney and after wandering around, taking some more photos, and seeing the local scene on a weekend I found out
I made my first big travel mistake. Well actually I made two of them, this shows you how dumb i can be :) I never changed the time or date on my laptop and I bought a bus ticket to byron bay for the wrong day. I thought it was for today and when I went to print it I found it was actually for last night. Damn it! So i called greyhound, and by the way greyhound in australia is not the white trash way of traveling. Anyway they told me I was out of luck, no refund, no transfers, no nothing. I lost out on 90 bucks. So I rebooked my bus for the correct night. It was supposed to leave at 6:45 so I left the hostel a few minutes after six. The ticket said it was at central station... little did i know there are actually two central stations in sydney. I carried my 100lbs + of luggage and dive gear to the wrong central station. I asked around and no one was really wanting to help me. I finally found some german girls with backpacks and asked them if I was in the right place. It was now 630 and the said i went to the central station for local buses... shit!!!! So i ran as quick as I could the two blocks to the other station, getting stuck at crosswalks and waiting for the sydney traffic. I got there right as my bus drove off. FUCK... at this point i am covered in sweat carry two backpacks and a duffel full of dive gear. I went into the bus office and told them my situation, the man working there was extremely helpful and let me catch the next bus at 10 pm with no additional fees. I got so lucky, I had other buses and hostel lined up and this still allowed me to continue with my other plans. I went and had a beer and tried to relax from my stressful jog, met up with my british and german friends for dinner and then caught my overnight bus ride to byron bay. Sydney is cool but i am ready to see the rest of australia outside the concrete jungle.
keef_mon says:
my big bag full of clothes, my day pack full of cameras and laptop. and my duffel full of dive gear. It wouldn't have been bad without the dive gear but it will be worth it when i am diving
Posted on: Oct 11, 2008
sirgerald12th says:
Wow..talking about workout! 100lbs backpack isn't a joke. I'm glad after all your mishaps, your other plans worked out. What an interesting adventure!
Posted on: Oct 11, 2008
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photo by: Sunflower300