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Well I leave in a few short days, and unlike my previous trips I do not feel anxious or excited. It is strange but for the first time in my life everything is going exactly as planned. Earlier this year while traveling in Nicaragua I made the decision to make the steps towards moving towards Australia... stepping away from everything and concentrating on what I want.  I wish to thank the german/french couple who pushed me towards my goal... Once I made the decision every choice I have made, has had this trip in consideration. Although at first I was looking at flying out around Christmas I decide to put it on a fast track and make my dreams a reality. I want to ecourage others to do the same! I now fly out in a matter of days and I couldn't feel better about the whole situation.

I have left many close friends and family, all of which I put in the same group of "family". I feel so lucky to have met such great people but also look forward to the great people I will meet during my journey. I have given away many posessions, and I have to share how great it feels. I love helping people, especially the people who genuinly appreciate it.

 It is my goal to share my views and perspective through my photos, videos and blogs. I wish to show people that they can acheive what they want if they are willing to make the choices towards their goals. I am aware that not all people have the life skills to do all the things they wish and I feel lucky and grateful in that aspect.

I am looking forward to sharing my experiences, photos, videos, and thoughts, with all of my friends, family and anyone who may become inspired :)
tvillingmarit says:
Look forward to follow your blog
Posted on: Oct 09, 2008
TYoungTX says:
Great start on the blog. I look forward to your updates! Safe and happy travels, Keith.
Posted on: Oct 09, 2008
gemini59 says:
I really look forward to the updates of your blog bro! :))
Posted on: Oct 09, 2008
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photo by: keef_mon