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It was my first country to visit in central America so I was hoping to see the rainforest, animals, nature and of course the Spanish flavor :)When arriving in San Juan I felt excited for what was awaiting me, took a private taxi late at night (something they tell you NOT to do in the books) to the hostal and was told not to leave without getting in the taxi because it is unsafe at night. Normally I don't pay much attention to that and figure it out for myself but since it was after midnight that I arrived was too tired to go anywhere anyway. Toured the city the following 2 days and that was interesting but taught it lacked character and architect.. After 9.30 pm I also noticed why they want you to take a taxi. This was the first city I felt very uncomfortable in when it was getting late and the rumors supported that also.

I don't stay long in cities, to me the country is far more interesting so off I went to a place a few hours away where it is know for the exhalerating white water rafting. Unfortunately the Spaniards build a nuclair power plant a couple of years back  off the river which brought a level 5 down to a level 3 to 4.  The scenery was nothing less than amazing and the rapids were fun yet not as challencing as I taught it would have been (you spaniards)  from there it was time to slowly go to the Atlantic side. Along the way taking trips to waterfalls and acid craters, hiking thru rainforest, cloudforest (didn't know that excisted)  and canoeing down rivers seeing iguanas laying on tree branches over the river and monkeys jumping from tree to tree.
Once i arrived to the coast it was time to relax, stroll down the beaches and do some partying at night. This place is fun, and having met a cool party girl on the bus on my way to the beach was a great benefit which allowed us to have a great dinner together and a few drinks. Most villages are small with a few good restaurants and watering holes that stay open 'till  early hours. Besides in the capital, I felt safe everywhere I was no matter what time of the day it was. Yet I was looking for some Spanich architect that was too hard and seldom to come by and decided to go to Granada, Nicaragua (see other blog) for my fixing and sure enought i did get what I was looking for there. My 2 day stay turned into a week cause it was just that good, Just keep in mind that Costa Rica is the US vacation hot spot so prices are higher here than anywhere else in Central America  and the people like to chase that money over there, still it is a amazing country to visit and worth every $$  you spend. Happy travel and.... SMILE

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