A quiet evening with Tone & Christian, needed to recharge batteries...

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having empanadas - like the blurry background ;)
After a loooooong fun night, we all needed to rest and recharge batteries. Well, maybe someones more than the others, haha. So, better take things easy tonight, also we have been talking about partying on Friday, so taking things easy this night would be a good idea or maybe... hahaha.

Anyway, I met the guys at 7pm at the hostel. We were thinking about having empanadas for dinner, but they had lunch really late - why? hahaha. So weren't hungry and I wasn't hungry either, so I decided to drive around and showed them other areas of Lima. Christian really likes Lima, specially the fact that the city has so different areas. We visited San Isidro (business area), Miraflores even a bit of Magdalena.
Summer with Pisco... tastes better!!!
I felt so glad they were enjoying my hometown. How nice!!!

Finally, we went for the empanadas. It's a small place, nothing fancy. Christian and Tone felt lucky having a local showing them this small but tasty places, hahaha. My pleasure, guys! We had our empanadas and they drank cremoladas. The empanadas were tasty and big enough. We kept on chatting and they were telling me how the karaoke night ended, hahaha. Actually the party wasn't over until early this morning, hahaha.

It was still early to go dancing, so we decided to go back to parque Kennedy in Miraflores. I found a parking spot, how sweet! 2 days ago, they met another girl and went to a bar which was quiet and relaxed, so we went there. I have heard about this place, but never went there until last night, haha. They are teaching me things too, how cool!

We sat there, got a beer - what a surprise - and just chilled out.
this is for you, LM!!!
I like this place. The music is not so loud, so we could listen to each other, but at same time enjoy nice music. We kept on talking about our hometowns, the differences among them and also how helpful is having local friends wherever you go. I couldn't stay longer, next day I had to work and didn't sleep much the night before. So, we decided to leave this place. I drove back home, while the guys would look for another bar before going to dance, hahaha. I wish I were traveling too...

I love hanging out with these guys! Not only I have a great time with them, but also learn about the Scandinavian countries... which made me realized: I want to go there!!!
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having empanadas - like the blurry…
having empanadas - like the blurr…
Summer with Pisco... tastes better…
Summer with Pisco... tastes bette…
this is for you, LM!!!
this is for you, LM!!!
with Christian ... and beer hahaha
with Christian ... and beer hahaha
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