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that's for you Shawn!!!!
Brenda, another TB, and her boyfriend arrived to Peru almost a week ago. When they just arrived, we couldn't meet since I was busy, but I contacted them and we might meet today when they came back from Pisco around 8pm. In the meanwhile I contacted Tony. Actually we have been in touch for a couple of months. When he joined TB, he saw one of my dream destinations was going to the Amazon and take a boat. We even talked about the possibility of traveling together, but I wouldn't get that much time free. But it didn't mean we wouldn't be able to meet in Lima, hehe.

At 7pm Tony and me met in Miraflores, in front of the church, haha. He even told me, I'd be the "gringo" wearing jeans and a black jacket, hahaha. It was really easy to recognize him. After the hug and introducing ourselves, we started to go. He has already been in Peru. But this time he hasn't been in Miraflores and since we had some time before meeting Brenda, we decided to walk to Larcomar and see the sea. We were just chatting and he was telling me about his Peruvian family. How nice! By the way, he speaks great Spanish and we were talking most of the time in Spanish ;)

In our way back to the church, we stopped at the hostel where Brenda would stay but they weren't there. They might have not arrived to Lima yet. After taking a quick look at the park, we decided to go and get some dinner. We had Middle Eastern food, yummy! Tony was recently in Europe and had lots of Middle Eastern food there and likes it! So, this was the perfect choice!!!! We enjoyed not only a tasty meal, but also a really nice conversation. He was telling me about his European adventures, his favorite country was Norway, and his plans for Southamerica. He has to be back in Lima by mid August. So plenty of time.

No phone calls yet, what to do? well, a visit to Miraflores is not complete without having a drink at Tayta, hahaha. Although it was past 9 and the pisco promotion was over, I got the promotion!!! It's good to be friend of the manager and the bar tenders, hahaha. Tony liked Tayta, who doesn't? hahaha. He found the atmosphere really cool. When we were there, Shawn (another TB) called me from Ecuador. We are planning my invasion to Ecuador, hahaha. I told him I was with Tony at Tayta and he just laughed. I guess he was jealous he wasn't with us, hehehe. But I'm gonna bring Tayta to Ecuador ;) I was telling Tony about the Meet Ups and all the TB stuff, since I'm quite an expert about that subject.

We were having a great time, chatting and relaxing. At same time the bar was getting crowded. We decided to take a walk around and then it was time to go. It was really nice meeting Tony. I had a fun time and hope he did it so too. Too bad, Brenda never called. Hopefully she was ok. I don't know if I'd be able to meet Tony when he's back in Lima, since he will be busy with family stuff, but hopefully we could do it. I definitely want to be in touch with him and get all the tips about the rainforest trip, yay! Tony you have a new friend in Lima :)

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thats for you Shawn!!!!
that's for you Shawn!!!!
photo by: rsvpme