Steve's 1st day in Lima: Cebiche, Tayta + Mini Meet Up - can't ask for anything else ;)

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Yadi & Steve having cebiche + Inca Kola!
Steve contacted me just a couple of weeks before I went to the States. I gave him some tips, but was a bit worried if I would be able to meet him... well, we made it and met in Lima, yay!

This morning I was woken up by the taxi company who asked me if "Mr. Woods" was aware they would be waiting for him, haha. His flight arrived earlier as scheduled. When I checked my email later, I found a message of him, a confirmation for our lunch, yay! We would meet at noon for his first lunch in Lima :) Right before leaving home I was "talking" to another TB and I let him know I'd meet Steve. OMG! He told me he met him too, haha. World if full of coincidences, haha. Well, Steve and I met in front of the church and recognized at first sight, hehe.
first lunch in Lima!

It was awesome meeting him finally in person. We have been in touch on TB, FB and email, haha, so I felt as if we already know each other, just were missing meeting in person, hehe. He told me he just got a haircut and wasn't sure the hairdresser understood what he was looking for, haha. It didn't look bad for me... This was his first time in South America and as we agreed a long time ago, I'd introduce him to Peruvian cuisine. What would we try? Cebiche!!! It was his first one and my first since I came back home, hehe.

We went to my car and another coincidence! I'm reading a book I bought at Houston's airport, not a very popular one, but fun for sure. Anyway, he found that on the seat and told me he read that too, haha. We drove to one of my favorite places which usually is packed, but since it was early, we didn't have to make a line and found the perfect parking spot.
picture time!
It was a bit cloudy, but that didn't stop us to get fresh and tasty cebiche and tiradito. To complete the experience, we drank Inca Kola, hehe. Steve was recently in El Salvador and tried cebiche there, but definitely it was different than the Peruvian :P We were just hanging out and chatting about our travels. His travel started in June - left Sydney June 6th - and would finish in Jan - cool!!!!

Although we were having a great time it was time for me to go back to work. But we would meet later and this time Mal would join us! Steve wanted to ask Mal why he decided to stay so long in Lima, haha. I found it great, the fact a new local gave him some tips based on his impresions of the city, hehe. Before leaving, I suggested Steve to visit Huaca Pucllana and marked that in his lonely planet.
Steve, Mal & Yadi: new friends!!!!
He would do that, but before he'd watch the soccer game, he's a big fan of soccer and his favorite team was playing. We agreed to meet at 6:30pm to hang out during the evening.

This time I wasn't driving, just in case, haha. I arrived and 2min later Steve showed up. Mal was the only one missing. A couple of mins later he was there, yay! We went to the Love Park. It was walking distance. Steve was impressed by the chaotic traffic in Lima, haha. I don't think he'd like the idea of driving here, hehe. Steve and Mal became friends inmediately, how cool! Mal used to live in Sydney for 10 years, so they have a lot of stories to share, haha. Mal hasn't been in the Love Park since his 1st time in Lima, which is several months ago. So it was something interesting for him too :)

Ok, it was time for a beer and where to go? The answer is too obvious: Tayta! Not only is MY bar, but also they had the beer promotion that night, haha.
might be not too healthy, but it's yummy!
We had to walk for a while to go there, but we are young, haha. Plus the boys were getting hungry and wanted to eat something. We stopped at a small place where Steve got a "burrito ranchero", Mal "salchipapas" (chips & sausage) and I got an empanada ;). Then we kept on walking to Tayta, when we arrived the manager was really glad to see me back. The girl who's always coming with different people was back, haha. One of the couches was free, so we found a comfy place to take a sit and enjoy our drinks. It was Steve's first beer in Lima - salud! While we were there, Julio (another TB) contacted Mal and he was nearby, so he joined us. And so did Cinthia and Jenny, but they sat on a different table.

We were just chatting and enjoying the life music. Then we realized we haven't been talking about the same guy during lunch.
So Steve and I didn't have a friend in common, well now we have one: Mal! Suddenly we started talking about Galapagos Islands and how beautiful they are. And we made a bet. I said there is a turtle called: "Galapagos' turtle" and he said there is a lizard called: "Galapagos' lizard". Mmm, Internet would help us to decide. The bet was: a cocktail, haha. Our homework was to look for the answer on Wikipedia, haha. Nevermind, Steve wanted to go to downtown next morning and Mal would join him, yeah!!! I feel so glad, these 2 guys became buddies and would walk around Lima - yeah!

As Cinderella I left Tayta at midnight. I was a bit tired and had to work the next morning. Steve had to leave too, since he had barely slept during the flight and was getting tired too. He had a full day of sightseeing tomorrow, probably paragliding but definitely Pisco Sour's time in the evening, haha. Who would join him???

yadilitta says:
You're welcome, Mal!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed meeting Steve. He did it too. Yes a new friend to meet, cool!!!
Posted on: Oct 25, 2008
malvin_soh says:
Thanks Yadi for introducing me to a great mate from sydney! Now I have something to look forward to...meeting up with Steve in London, South Africa and whole of Europe! Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!
Posted on: Oct 25, 2008
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Yadi & Steve having cebiche + Inca…
Yadi & Steve having cebiche + Inc…
first lunch in Lima!
first lunch in Lima!
picture time!
picture time!
Steve, Mal & Yadi: new friends!!!!
Steve, Mal & Yadi: new friends!!!!
might be not too healthy, but its…
might be not too healthy, but it'…
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