Saying good bye and see you soon, Jasper & Jos!!!

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I woke up and found I was featured, hahaha
Yesterday I went to the movies and came back home around midnight. But before going to bed I decided to check my email. I wasn't able to meet Jasper & Jos last night, but wanted to meet them before they leave the country. Their flight was at noon. So, I sent an email to Jasper asking him if I could meet them before they leave the hotel and at what time it would be possible.

I woke up early and checked my email. Jasper told me they were able to meet at 9:30am. So, I went to the gym at 7am, worked for a while and went to the hotel to meet my friends for last time - well, last time for this trip. We have been hanging out for a few days and I was already used to have them around. I'm gonna miss them...

I arrived to the hotel. Jos was ready but Jasper wasn't. He showed up a couple of minutes later, wearing a "Peru" jacket, how cool! Shopping was productive yesterday, hahaha.
with Jasper! love his jacket!
We didn't have time to do much, but I didn't want to let them go not saying good bye in person and also wanted to be sure they wouldn't leave late for the airport. Awww, I got some Dutch sweets and a new friend for Kitty! how nice! There was a nice guy at the front desk and we asked him to take the last pictures from us. As usual, I had my pink camera with me :)

I got so many nice memories with them and hope they got a great impression of Peru. Now, we just had to keep in touch and hopefully I can visit them soon in their hometown. I'm sure they'd be terrific hosts. And well, we have some ideas we want to work in. A long flight was waiting for them. I know it will take time until they start do download pictures, etc. But I can hardly wait to see them and read their impressions about this trip. Jasper & Jos will always be welcome in Lima.  :)
yadilitta says:
awww, I'm happy about that!!! Yes, start one! that would be awesome... all your adventures, how cool!
Posted on: Jun 05, 2009
almelovakr says:
I love your blog!
I want to make one to, start with it this week
Posted on: Jun 05, 2009
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I woke up and found I was featured…
I woke up and found I was feature…
with Jasper! love his jacket!
with Jasper! love his jacket!
last pic from the 3 of us!
last pic from the 3 of us!
my souvenir...
my souvenir...
more sweets, including Dutch waffl…
more sweets, including Dutch waff…
photo by: rsvpme