Pisco Sours night with Jered, Lance & Mal + JB arrived to Lima!!!!

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At Huaringas aka Pisco Place: Jered, Yadi, Mal & Jered
I met Mal during the day and among different topics we were also talking about Jered & Lance. They should come back to Lima in the afternoon. I tried to call them, but no luck, well just wait and see what happens next. When I was back at home and checked my mail I found a message from Lance. They would arrive to Lima at 6pm and would go to the hostel, once the rest of the gang were ready with their flights. Cool, it sounds like a plan to me... I confirmed the Pisco Sour Night to Mal and told him to meet at 8pm.

Around 8:15pm we met in front of the church, as usual, haha. Hey! Jered didn't have a beard anymore and Lance's beard was bigger, haha. Is it possible having a beard's transplant? haha.
Jered trying his Tumbo Sour - cheers!
The past few days the guys were in Cusco. They had tons of fun and really enjoyed the experience. Cool! Well, it was time to keep on going with the Peruvian experience and there was no better way to do it than with a great Pisco Sour. So we went to the pisco place. Usually it's crowded but we were lucky and found a table, haha. Ok, before start talking time to pick up a pisco sour. I was explaining the guys the different flavors you could choose. I got my new favorite: "Granadilla", Mal got the "Brujo Sour" which has coca leaves (well the pisco is macerated with coca leaves), Lance got the "Maracuya Sour" (passion fruit) and Jered got the "Tumbo Sour" (tumbo is a fruit from the rainforest). They had a promotion - get a double drink just paying S/3.
Lance, Yadi & Jered - it was my turn to be kissed in the typical kissing pic :)
extra, haha. Of course we went for it ;) We toasted for new friends, pisco and Peru, Salud!!!! The waiter brought some corn. Jered remembered Mal told him once about it and exclaimed "Evil Corn" haha.

The guys were telling us about their impressions from Cusco and Machu Picchu. They did the hikking to the Huayna Picchu and the most amazing part was that Jered did it wearing flip flops! haha. Also we were talking about what they could do during their next days in town, before flying back to Chile. We were chatting and enjoying our piscos when somebody called me. It was a payphone number... I recognized the voice. It was Tina! Jered & Lance's friend. She and Beth were at the airport but couldn't leave. Lance had to show up and fly with them since they were using Lance's passes.
Lance & Yadi
Ok, no panic! I had Continental's number, but they confirmed to Lance he had to fly with them to Houston, ugh. So he would fly to Houston this night and fly back to Lima next day, how complicated!!!!

Well, the flight was delayed until 4:30 am! So he would stay with us longer. Jered & I ordered another pisco. We kept on chilling out and chatting, but still couldn't believe what was happening. Well, trying to see the positive side of the problem, Lance might be able to get a Houston's magnet for me, haha. It was around 11 when I got another call. This was a USA number. JB was in Lima!!! Oh! just a quick note, JB is a TB and is moving to Lima maybe for 1 year. We had been in touch and also met in New Orleans. Anyway, I had the keys of his appartment with me, so we had to meet when he arrived to Miraflores.
With JB. He brought food for Gunther!!!!
Back to the story, Lance had to go back to the hostel, pick his documents and check internet before going to the airport. So we all left....

JB called me, he has already arrived! OMG! It was just 2 blocks away from the guys' hostel, so they all walked with me, yay! I had my bodyguards yay!!!! Finally I saw JB, how cool!!!! Everything worked perfect. Lance took JB's cab and left to the airport. Now, we have to wait and see if he can come back to Lima on time. Hopefully he can, yes he will succeed!!! JB left his bags and got ready to have his first drink in Lima. He was a bit tired but didn't want to to straight to bed. Where to go? Tayta!!! We went to Tayta for a drink and toasted with cuzquenas for a new friendship.

OMG! Lima is getting crowded and I'm about leaving it :( But I'll be back soon and not alone, another TB will be in the house ;)
yadilitta says:
yep, such a bummer. But we still could do it, hehe
Posted on: Nov 13, 2008
malvin_soh says:
Bummer about Lance having to fly to Houston. I´m glad we still managed to catch up for Pisco night. :p
Posted on: Nov 12, 2008
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At Huaringas aka Pisco Place:
At Huaringas aka Pisco Place: Je…
Jered trying his Tumbo Sour - chee…
Jered trying his Tumbo Sour - che…
Lance, Yadi & Jered - it was my tu…
Lance, Yadi & Jered - it was my t…
Lance & Yadi
Lance & Yadi
With JB. He brought food for Gunth…
With JB. He brought food for Gunt…
Mal got Brujo Sour
Mal got "Brujo Sour"
Yadi & JB
Yadi & JB
JB, Yadi & Mal at Tayta!!!
JB, Yadi & Mal at Tayta!!!
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