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Jos & Yadi
Today would be Jasper & Jos' last day in Lima. Yesterday we had a lovely evening, but we didn't make plans for today. They were tired and were looking forward to have a nice sleep. I was trying to set an appointment for them during the morning, but no luck... So I called them to give the news. Jasper was still sleeping and Jos asked me if I'd like to join them for dinner like the night before. Thanks so much for the offer, but I had plans for later. Furthermore, Jos wanted to try the cebiche and this is only served for lunch, so what about having lunch together? Great idea! We agreed to meet at their hotel at 1:30pm.

I was parking in front of the hotel when I heard: "Yadira!" Jasper and Jos were already waiting for me outside the hotel, hahaha.
ready for the last lunch in Peru, but not last meeting.
Only thing I know was that Jos wanted the fish, but Jasper is not a fan of fish, mmm. Where to go? Jos just told me: "We trust you, you make the decision." Well, we went to one of my favorite restaurants for fish & seafood: "Segundo Muelle", which is my boss' favorite spot too. I also wanted them to go to another area of the city. So we drove to San Isidro. I was lucky and found a parking spot just 1 block away from it, hehe. First impression of the restaurant was really good. Jos really liked the place. We got a table in the 2nd floor, sat down and ordered a Pisco Sour (Jos had to try it before leaving), Inca Kola for Jasper and I got another Pisco cocktail.

We were just chatting and relaxing. The waiter came to take our order. Jos and Jasper let me order for them. They would accept my suggestions.
cheers for new friends and a great experience in Peru :)
Cool! I knew Jasper didn't like fish, so I ordered for him the "Lomo Saltado" which is sauted beef in a Peruvian style, for Jos the traditional cebiche and I got a tiradito with fish and seafood. As usual food was delicious here!!! Jos really liked the cebiche, so fresh and healthy... He was even saying this would be a success back at home. Jasper's beef was really good too. According to him, this was the best beef he had in Peru, awesome! Well Jos comment says everything: "Yadi, you know the right places!" hehehe.

Meal, service, location, everything was perfect. It was the best choice for their last lunch in Lima. I'm having a reunion with my friends on Saturday, so I booked a big table for our group. I commented that to Jos and he was 100% sure that was a great idea! We shared a tasty lunch and spent a great time, there! Since I asked one of the waiters to take a pic when we just arrived, everytime he came with a dish, he wanted to take a new pic, hahaha.
sharing a delicious lunch :)

It was around 3:30pm when we left the place. After stopping for an ice cream - so yummy! We headed back to Miraflores. I'd leave them at the indian market, so they'd be able to buy some souvenirs. What about meeting later? Well, I'd be busy, so I told them I'd give them a call if I'd be able to do it. Nevertheless, this wouldn't be the last time I meet them. If I wouldn't be able to meet them later, I'd do it tomorrow before they go to the airport. Awww, I started to miss my buddies...
yadilitta says:
hahaha, well we'll go there, that's for sure!
Posted on: Oct 14, 2009
almelovakr says:
Give me 3 minutes and i read it :)
Sorry i meant lunchroom in stead of lunchroom:P
Posted on: Oct 14, 2009
yadilitta says:
I added the name of that place, hehehe. I also wrote a review about it, did you read it?
Yes, it's a MUST.
What's a lunchtoom?
Posted on: Oct 14, 2009
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Jos & Yadi
Jos & Yadi
ready for the last lunch in Peru, …
ready for the last lunch in Peru,…
cheers for new friends and a great…
cheers for new friends and a grea…
sharing a delicious lunch :)
sharing a delicious lunch :)
so happy after enjoying a deliciou…
so happy after enjoying a delicio…
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