No bad luck Friday 13th, spent a great time with 2 sweet sisters :)

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the sweet sisters: Evelyn & Alba
I know that in the USA and other places Friday 13th is supposed to be a back luck day... but this wasn't a scary day at all. Well, maybe it started with some bad luck. I found a scratch on my car :( but sandpaper made the miracle, hahaha. Well, here we say that Tue 13th is the bad luck day.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I contacted a girl here - what a surprise, hahaha - and she told me a friend of hers was coming to Peru and if I'd mind helping her. My pleasure!!! So, it's how I got in touch with Evelyn. We exchanged some messages. She was coming to Lima with her sister, Alba, who is really interested in the Latin America history. So I gave her some ideas about what to see here.
the official pic, just the 3 girls

Once they were in Lima, Evelyn called me and after the 3rd call we finally could speak longer than 20sec, hahaha. I met the girls at their hostel around 6pm. We were chatting and chatting. They had been flying quite long, but were excited of being for 1st time in South America! By the way, they speak Spanish, so getting around Peru won't be hard at all. I was giving them some ideas about what to do in the next 2 days they'd spend in town before leaving to Cusco. One of the things that amazed them the most here was our crazy traffic, hahaha. "Do you drive here?" Yes, I do and they will be my copilots the next day, hahaha. Before leaving I asked a guy to take a pic from the 3 of us - always a must - and another guy sat next to Alba to be part of the pic, what?!?! He left and we got the official pic, lol.
enjoying a Peruvian meal with Inca Kola ;)

We were getting a bit hungry and I thought Larcomar would be a good idea. So we walked to the mall while we were talking a bit about Lima and also about ourselves and former travels. We arrived to Larcomar and they liked it. My idea was going to Mangos and get a table outside, but it was crowded. They wrote our names in the waiting list. In the mean while we could use the restrooms. When we were going there, a girl saw us and asked if we had a table. "Mmm, no..." "Just the 3 of you?" "Yes, just us". Then she led us to a table, hahaha. I think she assumed we were next on line, hahaha. Well, we were lucky! hahaha. Peruvian food is a way to know the country, so we ordered a Peruvian Appetizer and other one to share. Regarding drink... We had beer at the hostel, so we'd have Inca Kola!!!

Our waiter (think his name was Jean) was really helpful and polite and wanted to take good care of the girls.
Yadi, Evelyn and Alba at... Tayta, haha
They both loved the food. Alba was enjoying the anticuchos very much until... I opened my big mouth and told her the anticuchos aren't beef, but cow's heart... Sorry... Food was delicious and company was even better! After a while we decided to go back to the hostel, but we'd make a stop.
Where? Tayta!
What for? Piscos!
hahaha, it was their first night in Peru and the sister should have at least one toast with the famous Pisco Sour!

We went to Tayta, found a nice spot and ordered our Piscos. The waiter took us a couple of pics, actually more than a couple, since he always wanted to take more, hahaha. They just got a new window, actually it's the same but right now it's bigger and the view of the park, church and city hall is really beautiful. Another discovery for the girls: the "canchita" aka "evil corn". And yes, it was addictive for them too, haha. And it didn't help the fact the waiter kept on bringing it without asking, hahaha. We were just chilling out, but the girls were getting tired and long days were expecting for them. So, it was better leaving. Next day we'd meet again to continue the Lima adventure :)
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the sweet sisters: Evelyn & Alba
the sweet sisters: Evelyn & Alba
the official pic, just the 3 girls
the official pic, just the 3 girls
enjoying a Peruvian meal with Inca…
enjoying a Peruvian meal with Inc…
Yadi, Evelyn and Alba at... Tayta,…
Yadi, Evelyn and Alba at... Tayta…
chilling out at the hostel... who …
chilling out at the hostel... who…
Bruschetta Mixta
Bruschetta Mixta
having Pisco Sours at Tayta - a MU…
having Pisco Sours at Tayta - a M…
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