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I arrived to Lima yesterday at noon and had already plans to meet TB's in town, hehehe. It seemed to be they were waiting until I was back in town, hahaha. While I was in Mancora I was in touch with John, who was in Lima around 3 weeks ago and was travelling around the country and also went to Galapagos. Well, he was flying back home today at night, but instead of waiting in the airport I suggested him we could hang out together and he agreed, hehehe. I guess, I'm less annoying than sitting alone in an airport :P

His flight arrived at 11:25am from Quito. It was almost 12:30 and I was wondering where was he.
sharing John's last lunch in Lima, with Inca Kola ;)
I was about checking the airport website and look if there was any delays, when my cell phone rang. It was a pay phone, so the one who was calling was John, yay! We'd meet in Larcomar and then decide where to go. It was cloudy and a bit chilly in the morning, but by noon it was sunny, very nice. Around 1:30pm we finally met. It was so nice to see him! And I wasn't the only one tan, hahaha.

For his last lunch in Lima we'd have cebiche (fish & seafood). But where to go now? Well, I thought about a restaurant I used to go while I was working for this company a couple of years ago. They are in other area of the city. Well, we had time. We found a very convenient parking spot. Once inside we ordered the cebiche & jalea and to drink: Inca Kola! John liked it, but didn't know when he'd be able to try it again, so better have much as possible while he was still in town, hahaha.
Pinneaple Mouse, yummy!

Most of the talking was about his experiences in Peru and Galapagos. Wow! There were just 3-4 weeks, but he knew so many places. So many adventures, including almost being pickpocked twice in Quito, pfff. Most of his group got food poisoned at some point. He was the only one who never got sick, hahaha. And since he spent a couple of days more than the rest at the beginning, he was the most experienced from the group, lol. I felt sort of jealous. I want a trip like that... hahaha.

Then he joined me to do some shopping. It was still early and we drove back to my house/office. I needed to check some info and he could check his email too. I arranged a cab for him and they would come for him at 6:15pm. We still had some time to kill. Mmm, what to do now? During his first visit, we covered almost everything.
Carola & Yadi
.. I got an idea! We didn't  get dessert with lunch, so it was time to go to a bakery and got delicious cake, hehehe.

First I didn' know where to go, but then I remembered the bakery where we get birthday cakes was nearby and there we went. Yummy! We went back home at 6 and the taxi arrived at 6:30pm. Bye bye John, keep in touch and I'd be waiting for your pictures. Hopefully I'd be able to visit his hometown eventually...

After he left I started to do my coordinations for the night. I'd meet a friend from highschool at Huaringas, my second house, hahaha. First Friday in Lima and going there was a MUST, hahaha, some piscos!!! It was a bit cool, but I didn't care about that. Wanted to show the tan and tattoo, hahaha. Carola is the one who wants to get a real tattoo and we made a pact.
Double Maracuya Sour (Passion Fruit) tasty!!!
If we both are sure, we'd get tattoos together, hehehe.

I was about leaving to meet Carola at the bar, when Matt (another TB) called me. We have been in touch for some months. He was about leaving work and after dinner would be able to meet me. That sounds like a plan! I told him I was meeting friends and he'd be welcome to join us. Around 8pm I arrived to the pisco place. Carola was already there. We started to chat and an hour and 1 pisco later another friend arrived. She used to go to our highschool, but was in another class. The 3 of us were having so much fun until our table got invaded. At the right side there were 3 American guys who were coming closer... and at the left 2 Chilean twin brothers, hahaha. One was really wasted and was talking and talking.

Suddenly my cellphone rang.
3 happy girls: Carola, Yadi & Natalia
It was Matt and was leaving the hotel. I came downstairs and met him. It was easy to recognize him, hehehe. Then I came back to the table with him. So good, he joined us. So the guys decided not to come closer, hahaha. And the question popped up. Carola: "how did you meet Yadi?" Well, my friends don't know I'm a TB. This is my secret identity, hahaha. I didn't warn Matt about it, so naturally he said through a website. Carola was amazed! "You, Yadi..." lol. Well, my secret was discovered... What did Carola say: "how can I become a member?" and she's one of us now, hehehe

Regarding the guys in the bar, Matt thought the Chilean was our friend and started to talk to him, lol. They even exchanged business cards. Oh! we had to go somewhere else and check a band that was playing... it was time to move. Just at this point Matt realized that this guy wasn't a friend of ours, hahaha. Well, a funny story to tell. What happened next will follow in the Second Part of this story ;)
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sharing Johns last lunch in Lima,…
sharing John's last lunch in Lima…
Pinneaple Mouse, yummy!
Pinneaple Mouse, yummy!
Carola & Yadi
Carola & Yadi
Double Maracuya Sour (Passion Frui…
Double Maracuya Sour (Passion Fru…
3 happy girls: Carola, Yadi & Nata…
3 happy girls: Carola, Yadi & Nat…
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It wasn't cloudy, so you could se…
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inside the restaurant
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