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with Lubor at Tayta, a MUST ;)
This would be the last entry of this blog, why? Well, the 25th is my TB Anniversary and I'll start a new Meet Up blog... I wasn't sure if something would be going on before the anniversary but it did and was fun!

A while a go I noticed Lubor was coming to Peru. I posted a comment and then we started to be in touch. He let me know where he'd stay and we agreed to meet while he was in town. First he told me, he'd stay in downtown which is not the area I usually recommend people. Ok, but downtown is not that close for me.. nevermind I got a message at noon saying he was already in Lima, but moved to Miraflores, awesome! That's my favorite area and it's not far from home, sweet! Ok, we'd meet at 6pm - in front of the church, hahaha.
complimentary snacks, not that good, but I love the gesture. They usually don't do that!

I arrived 1 min in advance and there he was. At the beginnig I didn't recognize him and he didn't recognized me either, but after a second look we approached to each other and he said: Yadi? TB? Yes! That's me. It doesn't matter it wasn't the 1st time meeting a TB, I still feel that nervousness, hehehe. Well, after introducing ourselves, we were ready to leave. I asked Lubor what he'd like to do and he said: "Drink?" hahaha, I like this guy! hahaha. We were talking about me helping him to arrange his Peru travel and I wanted to take care about that first. So I asked him if he'd prefer to have a coffee or a beer to decide where to go and he said: "beer". No complains. Ok, where to go? Easy answer: Tayta!

It was early and we were the first customers here, sweet! Well, I'm a regular there, so everyone says hi as old friends.
first Piscos of the night ;)
We got a table with a good view and started to talk about his ideas for Peru and how much time he'd spend here. But before, we asked for 2 beers. Salud! Lubor joined the site just before coming to Peru, but he already contacted someone in Bolivia, Jose, and I was the Peruvian contact. He had a guide book and already made a list about what he wanted to see here.

One of the guys here noticed it was a bit dark and we were having problems to read, so he turned on the lights for us, sweet! But that wasn't everything, our waiter came with some snacks. Sorry, we didn't order anything to eat... no problem, it was complimentary, how nice! Ok, I got all the information from Lubor, dates, interests. I did a list of things I have to research and I'd take care of that. Next day, we'd meet and I'd put some ideas together :)

Lubor was happy I was helping him, he felt a bit lost not speaking Spanish at all and not many speak English here.
Mmm, this looks interesting...
.. Problem solved. What to do now? Dinner? "Sounds good to me." I asked him what he'd like to eat. Not cebiche, that's for lunch. Well, he was open to suggestions. Mmm, another thing he couldn't miss was the pisco sour, so why not going to the Pisco Place? I didn't need to ask it twice, hahaha.

We arrived to the Pisco Place and it was empty, so we were able to choose a nice table. The waiter came and we ordered the traditional Pisco Sour for him and one with blueberry and granadilla for me. They were very tasty and Lubor found the Pisco Sour very good. Some people think it's too sour, but not for him. We started to talk about our home towns. I was talking about Lima and he was telling me about Prague and I have to visit it. I'd love it.

Oh yes, we came here for food, hahaha. I ordered a Peruvian Appetizer Platter, so he'd be able to try different dishes. The platter is for 4 people, but we got 1/2, yay! Peruvian cuisine could be spicy, but Lubor loves the spicy food, so it was perfect! But before getting the food, we'd try the complimentary snack: toasted corn! Lubor couldn't believe that was corn, hahaha. Yes, it is, but a different type. Then the waiter came with the food. We got the anticuchos (cow heart) and he liked them, tamales, papa rellena (stuffed potato), rocoto relleno (stuffed spicy bell pepper), chicharron (fried pork). Before the waiter left it was time for round 2: another Pisco Sour for him and I'd try the mango-passion fruit one ;)

Lubor was enjoying the food and was impressed about the size of our regular white corn, hahaha. I was enjoying that too, not only because the food was very tasty, but also because it was very nice to see how he was discovering new flavors and liking them. We kept on chatting about future travel destinations, past travels a bit of family, hobbies, etc.

"Mmm, the last drink before leaving?" Sure, why not? So good, I didn't bring my car, hahaha. Another Pisco Sour for him and a Passion Fruit for me. By this time the place started to get crowded. As I said before Lubor joined the site recently and was quite impressed about the fact I met many people here. Yes, I'm impressed too and very happy about that. So, I started to tell him the experiences I had here, including the Meet Up in Lima, OMG! It was over 1 year ago!!!!

And again. "Last drink before leaving?" Sure, hahaha. Pisco Sour and a Camu Camu one. Camu Camu is a fruit from the rainforest. Lubor was looking forward to go to the rainforest so much. I'd find the way he could do it. Well, we arrived at 8:10pm and it was already 11pm, hahaha. Maybe we should leave now. So, our meal was mostly about pisco, hahaha. Well, it's Peruvian, so it counted as a Peruvian meal ;)

We took a cab and dropped Lubor first. Back at home I was so tired and fall asleep almost immediately. I had to wake up tomorrow early. Had to go to the gym, work, arrange Lubor's tour and then go to the airport to pick up my aunt... it'd be a busy day.

Thanks Lubor, I had a great time! I hope you enjoyed your 1st day in Peru as much as I did. Ending this TB year having piscos with a new friend was the best way to do it.  Next morning no hangover! I'm Pisco immune!!! Thanks TB!!! hahaha
yadilitta says:
thanks for the kind words, Huib!!!! It's my pleasure to help you all. Muchas gracias!!!!
Posted on: Oct 11, 2009
huibdos says:
Yadi I am so proud you are my friend:)
Having a job helping TB's arrange their trip, being the ambassador for Peru and doing a normal job too.
And then going so often out to eat, and look so great. (I would grow square:)
You should go for President.
Happy delayed second TB anniversary!!
Posted on: Oct 11, 2009
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with Lubor at Tayta, a MUST ;)
with Lubor at Tayta, a MUST ;)
complimentary snacks, not that goo…
complimentary snacks, not that go…
first Piscos of the night ;)
first Piscos of the night ;)
Mmm, this looks interesting...
Mmm, this looks interesting...
photo by: rsvpme