It was Justin's last day in Lima: lunch, movies, drinks... gonna miss him...

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enjoying our lunch in Lima
After a nice sleep I woke up full of energies and went to the gym. I tried to contact another tour operator for Justin, the one Jose recommended me. Had to wait for their answer. I gave Justin a call and asked how he was doing. Well, he was a bit bored, not much to do today. Mmm, so I asked him if he'd like to meet for lunch. Suddenly we had a plan ;)

I arrived to his hostel around 1pm and we drove to a cebicheria. It would be Justin's last lunch in Lima, so fish & seafood sounded the best. We had to wait for our turn. As usual the restaurant was packed, but the wait was worth. It was so hot, that we got something to drink first. I got Inca Kola and he got a Maracuya aka Passion Fruit frozen.
enjoying Justin's last dinner in Lima - well the last this time
He loves the frozen, hahaha. After a delicious meal, we were ready to go. There was too much food and we got a doggy bag. Justin mentioned going to the movies. Ok, sounds nice, but I had to go back home to feed Gunther...

Then I got an idea! Why didn't he join me? So he'd meet Gunther, hahaha. When I arrived mom has already fed Gunther... nevermind Justin went to play with him, while I was checking the movies. The only one that looked quite interesting in the movie theater nearby started in less than 10min. Would we succeed? As much as I tried, we arrived too late... We could stay there and wait for the next show, but it would take 2hrs...

Better go back to Miraflores. It was Sunday, so there was no traffic and I could show Justin around the business area of the city, where you could drive without any problem.
so colorful Tropical Mix!
Nice and smooth! We were almost at his hostel, when I told him we could try at the movie theater in front of the park. Maybe not the best, but worst scenario we could walk around, hehe. We got another plan, hahaha.

We got our tickets and just had to wait for less than 1 hr. At the end we didn't watch the movie we were thinking at the beginning. Justin couldn't believe I haven't watched "Slumdog millionaire" and we watched it. I loved it!!! It wasn't so bad to miss the other one, hahaha.

It was around 8pm when we left the movie theater. We wanted to have dinner, but where to go? Well, Justin was missing Larcomar. So there we go. Lucky again we found the perfect parking spot, hehehe. We ordered a Peruvian appetizer, so he could taste different dishes. I told him it has anticuchos and he loved them, hahaha.

Well, it was Justin's last night in Lima, so let's bring the cocktails, hahaha. We had reasons to toast for, including new friendship, succesful travel, nice memories and of course toasting for Justin's success in Uyuni! Hopefully we'd meet again soon. Now, his real adventure was getting started, all by himself... he promised me to keep me posted about that.

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enjoying our lunch in Lima
enjoying our lunch in Lima
enjoying Justins last dinner in L…
enjoying Justin's last dinner in …
so colorful Tropical Mix!
so colorful Tropical Mix!
our appetizer, causa (layers of ma…
our appetizer, causa (layers of m…
my first cocktail, was a mix of pi…
my first cocktail, was a mix of p…
our food: Piqueo Jarana - yummy
our food: Piqueo Jarana - yummy
photo by: rsvpme