Friday night in New Orleans with Shannon!!!

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I was almost ready with packing when Shannon knocked at my door. Yes, I made him wait again, but this time just for 5 min, hehe. It was just our 2nd meeting, but I felt as if we were friends for years, haha. Where to go now?

First we went to do some shopping. I wasn't sure about that, although I wanted to buy a couple of things. So, I told Shannon that if we could find a bag for my laptop and other things, I'd do some shopping but not too much, haha. When we were looking for a webcam I saw some clothing, OMG! Shannon just told me: "Take your time and do some shopping if you want :)" The poor guy didn't have any idea what he was saying, haha. But I was a good girl and didn't do much shopping. Just a couple of stuff.

Last time we had a great time, but it was a mistake not to eat before drinking, haha.
So this time we would eat something, hehe. We went to a delicious Middle Eastern cafe, not only because of the food, but also because of the great atmosphere and decor over there.  None of us smoked a Hooka before. Shannon would like to do it, but I wasn't sure about it. Sorry!!! next time I'll do it, promise! We had a couple of drinks and shared some tasty appetizers. I might not have smoked, but it didn't stop me for getting a pic smoking the Hookah, haha. Unfortunately I lost the pic... Nevermind, we left the place and went to the French Quarter for my last night in New Orleans.

We parked and started walking in direction to Bourbon Street. In our way there were many opportunities to taking pics, including jumping into a cop's car, haha. I did it and Shannon recommended me to go behind the steering wheel and pretend I was driving. Oh! That would be too much. And he just said: "Yadi, what's the worst that could happen?" haha, this guy is so cool! And I did it! hehe. We got a daiquiri and kept on walkingh through a packed Bourbon Street. We were hanging out and having a great time, nevertheless we didn't stay long. I know, it was Friday, but I was thinking I have to pack the things I just bought, wake up early next morning and finish packing before Addie comes for me...

Anyway, we had a great time and I'm so glad about having a new friend in New Orleans. I have colleagues in the city but having a friend not related to work is awesome! I'm sure we'll meet my next time in New Orleans and the next one and the next one, haha

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