Despite a morning with stomach ache, I could meet J & J in the evening :P

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oh Gunther, do you want me to stay with you?
This was so unusual for me... a friend had birthday last night and I couldn't go party with her and other friends. I was feeling a bit sick, but at least could go to a friend's place where we sang "Happy Birthday" before they went to party... so sorry... :(

During the morning I was feeling still a bit sick and week. I didn't even go to the gym, which is too strange. After resting the whole day, I was feeling much better. Jasper and Jos were going to visit the prisoners during the morning and we'd meet in the evening. I was just relaxing at home when Jasper called me. They were back and safe at the hotel and ready to meet. And so we did.

We met around 6pm. First thing I asked Jasper was about his impressions at the jail and he just exclaimed: "It's worse than hell!" Thank God, I didn't join them to visit the prisoners.
more good times :)
It was really an experience and not a pleasant one. Everything started since the moment they arrived, heavy security, bad conditions, etc. Too much, too much! Well, it was good they were able to visit the Dutch prisoners and made them feel they haven't been forgotten by everybody.

We went to a small restaurant not to talk about sad stories. We'd talk about what they could do in Peru. They were staying in the country for almost 2 weeks and wanted to know at least the highlights here. Mmm, Machu Picchu was a must of course, but else could we visit? What about the rainforest? Well, we were thinking about different possibilities and I'd try to set up something nice for them. We shared a tasty meal. Jasper got beef and it was really good, he really liked it. So bad, we couldn't find his favorite drink: "Heineken" hahaha. He still had some jetlag and was thinking the Heineken would solve it... well, maybe tomorrow he could find it.

After a tasty meal and nice chatting we went back to his hotel. They were tired of the loooong day and I was feeling better but still not 100%. Before leaving them, I gave them some advices about where to go for shopping the next day. We'd meet after the shopping adventure, hahaha.

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oh Gunther, do you want me to stay…
oh Gunther, do you want me to sta…
more good times :)
more good times :)
new buddies!!!!
new buddies!!!!
was made by one of the Dutch priso…
was made by one of the Dutch pris…
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