After 31hrs on a bus... Craig arrived to Lima :)

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souvenir made in La Paz, cool! Haven't been there YET!
I think I contacted Craig a while ago, when he posted he was coming to Peru. He was traveling around South America and didn't have exact dates for his arrival to Peru. Recently we got in touch and he was in Bolivia, taking Spanish lessons, but he was missing the surf and warm weather so much that the decided to come to Lima sooner than the original plan, actually there was no plan, hahaha. He was ready to come to Lima and look for good waves, but needed some tips. No problem, I'd help him as much as possible. We were chatting and I even got a nickname! "Spaghetti" lol. First time ever, somebody called me so, hahaha. I was aware the bus drive would take long, but didn't have any clue it would be sooooo looooong, over 31 hours!!!!

It was Sunday afternoon and I was just relaxing at home when I got his phone call.
having dinner with Craig, so much food!!!!
Although the number showed on my cellphone was a payphone one, I assumed it was him and I wasn't wrong :) We agreed to meet at 6pm at his hostel and shame on me, I arrived late... so not me... It was great finally meet him in person after have been chatting and joking for the last 2 weeks. We even had our jokes and nicknames, hahaha. Anyway, he was hungry. I knew that, so there was a candy waiting for him. This way he could wait until we arrive to a restaurant.

He wante to eat fish, but we don't have cebiche for dinner, so we went to have some chicken. At the end he got a platter with sausage, yuca (similar to a potato), pieces of chicken and in order to make the dinner a Peruvian experience: "Anticuchos" The anticuchos are brochettes, but the meat was Beef and Chicken heart :) Well, he loved them! Specially the beef ones.
my pink scarf, yay!!! To match my nails. Thanks Craig ;)
To drink he asked for a Pisco Sour, of course. I just got an Inca Kola ;) We were chatting and relaxing while we shared a tasty dinner. He was telling me where he'd like to go in the country, but he wasn't in a rush at all. He wants to take things easy and relax. Great!!!

There was a lot of food, but we spent more time just talking, hahaha. We talked about different stuff and finally decided to leave. He needed some help with arranging his further travels in Peru and I'd help him. I had my laptop with me, so we just went back to his hostel and I was playing tour agent, lol. At same time, I was downloading some of his music. I wasn't just playing tour agent, since I became Spanish teacher too, hahaha, a patient one I hope... :P

Wow! It was getting cooler. I haven't seen Lima that foggy in a while... I noticed some drops on my laptop and felt my arms really cold, thanks for the jumper! Well, it was getting late and I had to go. So, I said good bye to Craig and we agreed to meet the next day. At what time? No idea, hahaha. We'd be in touch during the day...  I had a great time and hope his first day in Lima was a good one!
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souvenir made in La Paz, cool! Hav…
souvenir made in La Paz, cool! Ha…
having dinner with Craig, so much …
having dinner with Craig, so much…
my pink scarf, yay!!! To match my …
my pink scarf, yay!!! To match my…
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