Starting the year with an Intercontinental Mini Meet Up, yay! :)

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Jenny, Harold, Yadi & Mal - an intercontinental group!!!
Today was officially my 1st TB anniversary. I was supposed to keep on partying in Rio after the Meet Up, but due to personal issues I couldn't go although everything was ready. Sorry, my friend! But would I spend my TB Birthday alone at home... No way!

A couple of weeks ago I met Harold, an Aussie boy, who was in his way to the rainforest and to Cusco. He told me he'd be back in town before flying to his next destination. And yesterday I got a message from him, asking if I'd like to join him for dinner, sure! He told me Jenny (a local TB) would join us too and I contacted Malvin who is still in town. Yeah! the 4 of us would meet: an Intercontinental Mini Meet Up - Oceania, Asia and America! How cool!!!

At 7pm we met in Miraflores.
with Malvin awwwww - thank you, Mal!!!
Since it'd be a dinner I was driving. The intercontinental group wen to Larcomar, to Pardo's chicken - the best chicken according to me. We got a table with a nice view. Malvin ordered Anticuchos (cow's heart), I got a salad and Harold & Jenny shared a big platter. Meal was delicious, although Harold wasn't a big fan of the grilled gizzards but trust me, they are delicious at least I like them, hehe. Harold lives in Sidney and Mal has been working there for a while, so they have something in common. They both love Sidney, :)

Harold was telling us, how great was his trip. He and his friend had an awesome time in Cusco and the rainforest. The pictures were really great as much as the funny stories, haha. I'm glad for them. His friend had to leave earlier, so there was no chance to see him.
my Maoi, thanks Mal!!! I love it!!
Oh! :( Suddenly Mal told me he had something for me. Mmm, it was a mini Maoi, a souvenir from Easter Island in Chile. So sweet!!! and to make things even better it was a magnet. Cool! my collection is getting bigger, hehe. Thanks again, Mal!!!!

After a tasty meal, the group had to split. Malvin had a job interview - hopefully we'd celebrate his success soon, hehe. The rest of us went to a cafe. Harold wanted something sweet, but unfortunately we couldn't find what he was looking for. Anyway, we spent a nice time together, talking about future plans and places we'd like to visit. Same as me Harold likes to try the best from every cuisine and since he was in his way to Buenos Aires and Rio, I'd be able to give him some advices hehe. Hey Harold! Just take a look at my reviews, haha. The group was getting bigger and wanted to go for a couple of drinks. I'd have loved to go, but I was driving + my long party week was over; I have to work the next morning... back to real life...

Harold I wish you a lot of fun for the rest of your long travel and hope I could meet you in Sidney sooner than later. And what about Mal? Well, we made plans for Friday before left, haha. Take a look at my next entry to see what happened :)
yadilitta says:
Thanks, Carlos!
Posted on: Apr 27, 2009
montecarlostar says:
wow I didn't know this blog was ever featured!! Congrats Yadi!
Posted on: Apr 27, 2009
Petra2111 says:
Hi Yadi, Congratulations on your blog being featured!! Well done!!
Posted on: Apr 04, 2009
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Jenny, Harold, Yadi & Mal - an int…
Jenny, Harold, Yadi & Mal - an in…
with Malvin awwwww - thank you, Ma…
with Malvin awwwww - thank you, M…
my Maoi, thanks Mal!!! I love it!!
my Maoi, thanks Mal!!! I love it!!
photo by: rsvpme