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Today we went to the Cu Chi Tunnels which is a 2-3 hour drive from Saigon. When we arrived we got our tickets and were taken through to the video hut where we watched a 10 minute video on the Cu Chi Tunnels. It was interesting to watch as this was the first time I'd seen a video on the Vietnamese point of view on the war. Words like "American killing hero's" were used which were quite powerful and I really did not know what to think.

After the video our guide took us through the village and showed us the different traps used by the Vietnamese and how the Vietnamese re-used any old missiles, bombs and land mines against the Americans. We were also shown how they make the rice wine and the spring roll paper, then we were able to shoot guns. Never shooting a gun before I was intrigued so I decided on an AK47. After shooting the first bullet my ears started to ring. the headphones they gave us were stereo headphones so they offered no protection at all.

Now with a constant ringing in my ears I couldn't hear anything the guide was telling us while he was showing us the tunnels. Not wanting to go down due to a sudden urge of claustrophobia myself and Marie decided to pass on the tunnels and waited for the others to explore them.

After the Cu Chi Tunnels we drove back to Saigon and asked to be dropped off at the market for some lunch. Getting separated from the group Susan and I decided to go find somewhere else to eat and ended up at a pizza place. After a pizza we wanted to go to the War Remnants Museum. Not wanting to walk we decided to grab a couple of bikes which the kind ladies at the restaurant organized for us.

We arrived at the War Remnants Museum and ran into Eoin and Marie. Walking around the museum I was amazed at the amount of exhibits that was on display and the amount of things that happened during this war. The photos on display showed some of the horrific things that happened during this war. One picture I remember looking at was the bodies being dragged behind an American tanker. Then we came across the photos of victims of the Agent Orange.

Now completely horrified by what went on in this war I really wanted to leave, but there was still some more exhibits to see and I really wanted to learn more. The rest of the exhibits were more photos and more of the tiger cages. Glad to finally of seen it all Susan and I left the museum on motorbikes. This ride was a little scary as the drivers almost collided a couple of times, which freaked out Susan a bit.

Glad to now be back at the hotel Susan and I were about to go up stairs to our rooms, but looking at each other we both really didn't want to go up to our rooms so we decided to go for a drink or 2 or maybe 3. We ended up at a place called the Milwaukee Bar and after a few drinks our trip leader Matt walks past and joins us for a few more drinks. Later on another trip leader called Daisy and her friend Patrick turn up and yep we had a few more drinks. Now quite sloshed we get invited to the Blue Gecko by the trip leaders bosses.

We get some motorbikes and head off to the Blue Gecko which I was so glad was an Aussie pub. After many more drinks. Matt, Susan and I head back to the hotel on motorbikes and call it a night.

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